Pat Robertson Channels Your Bigoted Uncle With His Heart-Freezing Thanksgiving Message

cbn_700club_media_141015c-800x430The holiday season is upon us, and families everywhere will gather around the table tomorrow and give thanks for one another.

But maybe there’s someone in your family who you’d really rather just not hear speak.

In Pat Robertson’s clan, that’d have to be Pat Robertson.

His show The 700 Club did a story about the religious faith of the pilgrims, and warned viewers that the progression of gay rights threatens everything they worked blood, sweat and tears for.

Funny how he doesn’t mention native genocide — what does Jesus think about that one, Pat?

He said:

“Ladies and gentlemen, our warning should be today, we can’t lose that. And when you have courts that are taking away the very essence of our democracy, the ground from which this great country came, when courts are saying that is unconstitutional, when they’re exulting aberrant lifestyles and saying that’s constitutional, when they’re defying the very essence of this nation, they are sowing the seeds, not of a new, prosperous nation but the destruction of the one that’s already here.”

Oh Pat, shut up and pass the string beans.

Here’s the clip: