Pat Robertson Cites Charles Manson’s Grandson As A Role Model For Gays

pat-robertson-healthyCan Pat Robertson ever say something that isn’t at once hilarious and offensive? Apparently not. In the latest instance, the televangelist decided that best way to reach out to gay people was to compare them to the grandson of mass murderer Charles Manson.

Robertson said that Charles Manson III’s “ties to the Manson family name haunted him, and he swore to break the cycle of drugs and violence.” Manson, who goes by the name Jason Freeman, is a mixed martial arts fighter who became a born-again Christian while serving time in jail. He has been feted by right-wing Christians who are always hungry for lurid stories that end with salvation.

In one of those leaps of logic that can not be explained without the aid of quantum physics, Robertson suddenly shifted to talk about how Manson’s example should encourage sinners, especially you.

“God knows your sin. Some of you have been involved in homosexuality, some of you have had an abortion, some of you have actually committed murder, you have lied, you have been disobedient to your parents, you have stolen money from your business, and God says if you repent and come to me I’ll wash the slate clean, you can get rid of it all.”

Good to know that being gay is a sin on the same scale as murder. We can’t wait to see what else Pat comes up with in his never-ending quest to ensure he never loses his crown as Emperor of Nonsense.

H/t: Right Wing Watch