Paul Colichman’s Unzipped Paid Sam Adams’ Former Lover Beau Breedlove to Get Naked


You first learned Beau Breedlove’s name when it came out that Portland’s gay mayor Sam Adams had a relationship with the is-he-17-or-18-years-old Breedlove. Now everyone will know the kid’s name — because he’s signed on to do a nude magazine photoshoot with Unzipped.

With barely a budget, we can’t imagine Unzipped is paying Breedlove that much cash for the photo shoot. (The magazine did, after all, get tossed aside by owner Regent Entertainment when that company merged with PlanetOut, but is still owned by media gay Paul Colichman and partner Stephen Jarchow, according to XBiz.)

But add on a flight and hotel stay in L.A., and he might be earning ones of thousands of dollars! “He came to L.A. to prove that the Portland scandal does not define his sexuality. The photos portray the real Beau–a confident and extremely handsome young man who is openly sensual, openly sexual, and has nothing to hide,” an Unzipped editor told The Advocate.

Lest you immediately jump to skepticism, consider this: Breedlove is the new Ashley Dupre (minus the hooker part), capitalizing on his unsolicited fame for cold hard cash. One more step for gay kind toward the mainstream!

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  • hardmannyc

    “With barely a budget …” Exactly. Big. Fucking. Deal.

  • Jersey

    Isn’t this guy like 23 now? Hardly a kid anymore.

  • Tony

    I’d do him!

  • Jase

    Well, apparently they have more of a budget than Jossip. Shut down any more sites lately?

  • Sebbe

    I know this has been discussed to the death, but I still can’t get over it. Sam Adams and Beau Breedlove – you can’t write the stuff.

  • PearlsBeforeSwine

    @Jersey: 21. And the word is chickenhawk, not cou-gay.

  • Ben

    @Jersey: Meaning what? Is 23 too old to pose nude in front of the camera? Or are you making a point about his age and maturity and the decision to pose in a porn mag?

  • Jersey

    No my point is he’s being refered to as a “kid” in the piece when he’s an adult. Personally I prefer my nude guys to be hot, hairy and in thier 40’s.

  • 7SnowyNights

    Okay, one: Facepalm. Seriously. This guy immediately has skank stank all over him. Obviously just another attention-whore queer.

    And two, @Jersey: Let me start by saying that I’m absolutely serious about what I’m going to say next: could you explain to me the appeal of hot (by which I assume physically fit and sweaty), hairy (by which I assume covered in a medium layer of fur, not full-out bears) men in their 40s? I’ve never really understood it and I’d appreciate some sort of reasoning from someone who does.

    Then again, I don’t wanna come off as some sort of creeper, so if you tell me to piss off I’ll be perfectly fine with that…

  • Jersey

    Guess its the rugged, hard, been around and knows what to do easy-going thing I see in someone like that. Usually in nude pics they have sexy smirks on thier faces. Swoon. I can understand the appeal of a guy like this Breedlove guy, too. I do think its a shame he’s going this direction though. He’ll probably regret it later in life. But who knows, maybe it’s right up his alley.

  • Chris

    The funny thing is “Beau” said he wanted to be in politics. LOL…in this country we allow porn models to fool around with politicians not become politicians — that happens in Italy.

  • Sean H-.

    I live in Portland and I just love how a “sex crime” can be committed with no victim, at least not one who suffered at all. I was struck by the fact that as many people who wrote letters judging Sam for his actions, not one of them seemed to express any sympathy for Beau. And no wonder, he named his dog Lolita and is now posing naked.

  • Eminent Victorian

    So classy, all of this.

  • Rick Heintz

    Looks like someone just wanted fame… Someone needs to get his butt into College!

  • ConservativeRepublican

    I can’t be the only one who thinks this guy isn’t that attractive.

  • Bob

    Am I the only person who finds both the pervert mayor and his former attention-whore intern to be completely repulsive human beings? First, we have a public official who engages in sex with a minor, tells myriad lies about it, and convinces his teenage victim to similarly lie. (No, wait, Breedlove was an adult because, well, Adams says so … and we all know we can take his word at face value!) And now little Beau Breedlove, who likes to fuck older men as a jail-bait teenager, found a better sugar daddy — Unzipped magazine! And all he has to do is show his cock to the world. What lovely poster boys for LGBT rights and political office these two are! Adams, you’re a pedophile. Breedlove, you’re an unscrupulous whore. No wonder straight people hate us.

  • vernonvanderbilt

    @ConservativeRepublican: I’ll co-sign you on that one. He’s kinda goofy looking, and he’s one of those people who cannot pull off a decent-looking five o’clock shadow.

    As far as him posing nude…who cares?

    As far as him having that fling with Adams…who cares?

    As far as anything to do with this story…who cares?

  • vernonvanderbilt

    @Bob: He’s hardly a pedophile, as that means someone who is attracted to pre-pubescent children, not fully-developed near adults. Do you honestly believe at the age of seventeen (or eighteen) that Breedlove qualified as pre-pubescent. You’re talking about a possible ephebophile here, but I honestly think that term is ridiculous when you’re talking about someone who’s that close to eighteen anyway. The only actual moral quandary in this case is abuse of authority.

  • Bob

    Vernon — apparently YOU care, as you continue responding to all the posts here …
    Adams is a child-fucking criminal. Breedlove is a money-hungry whore. Period.

  • vernonvanderbilt

    @Bob: I hardly think responding to two posts qualifies as responding to all the posts. And if you really consider a seventeen-year-old to be a child, you’re ignorant.

  • Sebbe

    I could care less about this specific case(?), but I don’t consider Breedlove a child at 17. I wouldn’t have wanted to sleep with someone that much older at 17, hell I wouldn’t want to sleep with someone Adam’s age now, but 17 is not “child-fucking”.

  • Jersey

    Vernonvanderbilt, Breedlove didn’t work for or even in the same city as Adams and this was long before Adams was mayor. I don’t see any abuse of power here either. This is just two adults , neither of them married getting it on, apparantly not in public either. I can’t even tell you the number of 18 to 20 year olds who come on to me on the gay sites. I don’t get all the clutching of pearls here.

  • Jersey

    The only possible cause for alarm is that when some reporter asked Adams if he had an affair with Breedlove he said no. Not under oath, not to some board evaluating his qualifications, just some reporter looking for something scandalous.

  • Sebbe

    @jersey – precisely, its not breaking the law or even unethical to lie to some reporter trying to scoop a story. Anyone who would have answered the reporters question is an idiot.

  • oneway

    I’m with #15 and #17 — He looked like quite the hotty at 18, but already seems to be past his prime at 21. Which is not a statement that 21 is inherently less hot than 18. But in his case, sure seems to… All said, though, I’d still be curious to check out his flesh.

  • Bob

    Umm, Jersey, dear, he took out an advertisement in a newspaper to further his lies that he didn’t have sex with Breedlove. That’s hardly lying to a reporter — it’s lying to the entire community. And Vernon and Sebbe, dears, I may be ignorant, but I do know that 17 is considered a child under the law. You may not think so, but the law does. Oh wait, he’s not a child. He’s, as you put it, a near-adult. LOL. Breedlove is a whore. Adams is a child-fucking criminal. They both deserve to rot.


    ok firstly, he’s really pudgy around the middle. theres no ab definition there AT all!

    secondly, he has soft, weak, flabby arms.

    thirdly, he doesnt look like he’s packing too much downstairs.

    and lastly, his face is ugly.

    why on earth would ANYONE want to see this ugly fag in a magazine? probably only gay pedos

  • Charles J. Mueller

    “Why on earth would ANYONE want to see this ugly fag in a magazine? probably only gay pedos”

    Another thoughtful, intuitive comment from the demented queen who gave us the following in the previous thread on the Anniversary of Larry King’s death.

    “No. 15 · QUEEN BEE

    you can tell that kid was going to grow up to be a paedophile

    you could almost called it…pre-emptive striking”

    Umm…why the seeming preoccupation with pedos?

    Do we have another finger-pointing Reverend Ted Haggard in our midst?

  • vernonvanderbilt

    If he qualifies as pudgy, I imagine I must be grotesquely obese. No wonder I’m single. I’m hideous. Guess I’ll go kill myself now.

  • ConservativeRepublican

    While I wouldn’t call him pudgy, I can see queen bee’s point about him not being ripped. Given the fact that his face isn’t that great, the lack of anything else impressive really makes him rather ‘meh’.

    I don’t mean to be overly critical, and I’m normally not quite so bitchy, but hey, the guy has agreed to pose nude for a magazine, so I think discussing his body is a reasonable thing to do.

  • Charles J. Mueller


    Verne, you are slaying me, you devil you! My sides are aching from belly-laughing.

  • vernonvanderbilt

    @ConservativeRepublican: I’ll give you that point. I just happen to think that the perpetuation of negative body image in the gay community largely stems from our tendency to nitpick the most minor of flaws as if they are a reflection of an individual’s overall worth as a human being. Not to mention that there are those of us who think a “ripped” physique is actually a little grotesque, if you really inspect it. I actually like his build, myself, but I can’t get past the screwy face he’s making in the pic. Maybe he’s more attractive than the pic makes him out to be. I don’t know, because I really haven’t paid any attention to this story at all.

    Besides that, it’s not like I intend to purchase the magazine anyway. If I don’t care who he is, why would I care what he looks like naked?

    @Charles J. Mueller: ;) Thanks for the kind words, my friend. It’s always nice to be appreciated.

  • vernonvanderbilt

    @Jersey: I apparently overlooked your comments. I apologize for not paying closer attention. I’m not sure where I got the idea that he worked under Adams in some capacity, but if I was mistaken, then I was mistaken. All these sex scandals can confuse a fellow pretty easily. That being said, if it wasn’t that sort of a situation, then the only problem I can see with it is that in Oregon the age of consent is 18. Not saying I agree with that necessarily, but the law’s the law, and Adams was a public official.

    Not like I’m hysterical over all this. I’m hardly crapping my pants in horror. Of course, I live in Ohio, so it doesn’t matter all that much to me anyway what some mayor in Oregon does in his spare time.

  • ConservativeRepublican


    I’ve seen other pics of him. Yes, they make him look more attractive, but he’s still not worthy of modeling or going nude in a magazine. Why the mayor would risk his job on this guy is beyond me.

    And I more or less agree with you on our community and the way it nitpicks guys’ bodies, but I don’t mind it when we’re talking about models or porn stars. It seems entirely appropriate to talk about their good parts and their flaws since their job is to expose themselves.

  • vernonvanderbilt

    @ConservativeRepublican: I can understand where you’re coming from as far as the nitpicking issue. What we must bear in mind, though, is that this fellow isn’t a model or a porn star. He’s a semi-famous person who’s extending his fifteen minutes by taking advantage of a probably quite lucrative offer. You can call him a model after his next shoot, perhaps. Right now, I wouldn’t call it a job. Until then, he’s just your average semi-famous homo with a deal for a photo shoot.

    And to clarify, my main issue wasn’t with the nitpicking itself, but with the ridiculous nature of the criticisms coming from the waste of molecules above.

  • Sebbe

    @Conservativerepublican –

    “Why the mayor would risk his job on this guy is beyond me.”

    Always the first question in these cases. Look at Elliot Spitzer and how many countless others. I often find myself rolling my eyes and saying who cares at these cases, but oddly reading the details of the cases as well? Only in America. LOL

    As far as the body, I don’t think there’s anything “wrong” with his body, and while I agree he is not a “model” for doing this shoot, once you agree to something like this, it is rather hard to not open yourself up to critique.

  • Jersey

    Bob#26 I suppose Canada is a nation of child fuckers because I understand the age of consent there is 16.

  • Sebbe

    @Jersey – I just looked it up, good point. 32 states (i.e. DC) in the US have an age of consent of 16 as well. 7 are at 17 years of age. Only 12 states are 18 years old.

  • Darth Paul


  • Jaroslaw

    For what it’s worth, Linda Lovelace got fired from several jobs after making “Deep Throat”. The self righteous public never lets you forget. Beau’s life is probably pretty much gone after this incident, I have no fault to find with him making money whatever way he can. If this mag will pay, and he doesn’t have any better offers so be it. It’s not like he will ever be obscure again in his lifetime.(Monica Lewinsky anyone?)

  • Sebbe

    @Jaroslaw – Good Morning. While I’m not quite sure Beau has risen to the level of fame of Monica (especially in middle America), I agree, how can anyone forget him with such a recognizable and unforgettable name like Beau Breedlove. If we didn’t no better, I would have guessed that was his chosen porn name.

  • Jaroslaw

    OK Sebbe – this is not a snarky comment, but seriously, how do you know he’s not as famous as Monica? There aren’t too many Gay mayors out there, it was on national news several times and anything Gay seems to make America go Crazeee. As in Christee Crazeee…. :)

  • Sebbe

    I don’t know – but my feeling and impression that the amount of coverage both domestically and internationally is not even comparable between the two in the “mainstream media”. Yes it has been on the national news “several times” but, come on, How many minutes and articles and comedy shows were (and sometimes still are) devoted to monicagate. You would be hard pressed to find anyone in America or the western world who did not know her name and look. Beau Breedlove, I’m not convinced. But, I respect your opinion none the less.

  • Jaroslaw

    Well, I give on this one. Yes, it was Monica 24/7 for a year on the TV & Radio so maybe he’s not as famous. But I bet when he goes to apply for jobs and such, somehow the info will leak out for years to come.

  • Alan down in Florida

    @ConservativeRepublican: “Given the fact that his face isn’t that great, the lack of anything else impressive really makes him rather ‘meh’.” Maybe his impressive features are intelligence, wit, kindness, compassion or sexual prowess. I’m constantly re-amazed at how shallow gay men are.

  • Sebbe

    @Jaroslaw – Agree, will haunt him for years (forever?)

  • Jaroslaw

    Oh Alan! Re-amazed? There have actually been many comedy bits about “our” shallowness on Outlaugh, Logo etc. My favorite was the birthday card company that had a special line for the Gay guys over 30. The inside of the card said something about “the end of your life, social and otherwise now that you’re 30…” It seems to be a feature of being a minority to be merciless with your own….

  • ConservativeRepublican

    @Alan down in Florida:

    None of which matter when we’re talking about him doing a nude photo shoot. No one who ‘reads’ unzipped is going to care about anything other than the quality of his flesh.

    It amazes me that some here are acting like he shouldn’t be treated like a model in this case. He is getting naked for money. It seems entirely appropriate, given the nature of this specific post (this isn’t a post about other aspects of Breedlove’s life), to discuss his body and face. If this were about the scandal in general, then yes, I’d think making snarky comments about his looks were inappropriate and rude.

  • Spike

    Politicians are like cops – generally, they fuck who they want. Sam Adams was hardly a child-fucker – Beau knew what he was doing.

    #9 – if you don’t find Sam Adams hot, nothing anyone says can talk you into it. I can’t understand the vast majority of men who think anyone over 30 with body hair should become a monk and go into seclusion, so I guess I counterbalance your attitude.

    I think it was Oscar Wilde who said you cannot reason someone into an opinion that they didn’t initially use reason to come up with. Or some shit like that.

    And with all that said – yes, Beau is a starfucker. Let’s not use any syrupy, our-bodies-are-beautiful mantras to hide what Beau is doing here. And I’m sure many people will leave their money on the dresser for this whore.

  • Momentary Tingle

    I was praying to Dionysus that this would happen. I haven’t read an Unzipped in years. But I renewed my subscription today.

  • Alan Hatch

    hehe as they say to each his own. but personally who would care really?

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