Paul Colichman’s Unzipped Paid Sam Adams’ Former Lover Beau Breedlove to Get Naked


You first learned Beau Breedlove’s name when it came out that Portland’s gay mayor Sam Adams had a relationship with the is-he-17-or-18-years-old Breedlove. Now everyone will know the kid’s name — because he’s signed on to do a nude magazine photoshoot with Unzipped.

With barely a budget, we can’t imagine Unzipped is paying Breedlove that much cash for the photo shoot. (The magazine did, after all, get tossed aside by owner Regent Entertainment when that company merged with PlanetOut, but is still owned by media gay Paul Colichman and partner Stephen Jarchow, according to XBiz.)

But add on a flight and hotel stay in L.A., and he might be earning ones of thousands of dollars! “He came to L.A. to prove that the Portland scandal does not define his sexuality. The photos portray the real Beau–a confident and extremely handsome young man who is openly sensual, openly sexual, and has nothing to hide,” an Unzipped editor told The Advocate.

Lest you immediately jump to skepticism, consider this: Breedlove is the new Ashley Dupre (minus the hooker part), capitalizing on his unsolicited fame for cold hard cash. One more step for gay kind toward the mainstream!