PFOX Calls Elena Kagan An Ex-Gay, Mostly For More Publicity

PFOX could teach PETA a thing or two about publicity whoredom. Just as PETA latched onto Jonny Weir’s fame as a way to speak out against fur, PFOX has accused rumored lesbian Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan of being “ex-gay,” primarily to keep talking about their homophobic campaign of curing away the gay. But get it right, PFOX: Kagan’s not ex-gay. At best, she’s in the glass closet.

The “glass closet” of course refers to people who might be out to their friends and family but are not “publicly” out to everyone else. Queen Latifah lives in the glass closet; PFOX chief Greg Quinlan doesn’t. No siree. Where ever he lives must have poor ventilation because he’s obviously been huffing his own fumes. Just look at his reasoning for calling Kagan a fellow ex-gay:

Could it be that Kagan is ex-gay? That would explain the White House insistence on Kagan’s heterosexuality and Kagan’s silence about her past sexual preference.

As an ex-gay myself, I sympathize with Kagan and the Obama administration. I have faced taunts, threats, and phone calls demanding that I be fired. There is no hate like that against the ex-gay community. And the President knows it.

When Obama was campaigning, gay activists demanded that he drop ex-gay singer Donnie McClurkin from a fundraising event. To his credit, Obama refused.

Too bad the current mayor of the District of Columbia, Adrian Fenty, lacks the courage to follow Obama’s example. After issuing a certificate of appreciation to Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays, Fenty bowed to angry gay lobbyists and apologized for having opposed “diversity.” But aren’t ex-gays part of diversity? Why can’t we have the same tolerance that gays enjoy?

Oh Greg, you leg-humping dog, you. No, ex-gays aren’t the same as gays. Most healthy-minded homos don’t treat homosexuality like it’s a disease or a mental disorder needing a cure. Crackpot theories like that put you “ex-gays” a stone’s throw away from other anti-gay quacks like George Rekers, gay exorcists, and murderous Ugandans. At least you’re not calling for the execution of gays who refuse to convert?

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  • Kris

    Ex-gay???!!!??? So I’m supposed to believe that you change from dicks to chicks and love it….NOT, NO, NEVER…be happy with yourself and quit trying to appease the conservative, right wing, crazies…LOVE YOURSELF

  • Steve

    Wouldn’t an Ex-gay (if it worked) technically be… a heterosexual?

  • Andrew


    VERY rarely do you hear “Ex-Gays” say they no longer feel “urges”. Usually, even most evangelical anti-gay bigots realize that it’s impossible to get rid of the “urges” they just say something like “oh those urges are sin, don’t give into them”.

    So really…even when someone says they are “ex-gay” it doesn’t threaten me at all. ;]

  • John K.

    @Steve: No, the difference is, you can’t be an “Ex-gay” without turning around and trying to “de-gay” other people. That’s why this entire “treat Ex-gays like other minority groups” playing the victim thing doesn’t work because the defining characteristic of “Ex-gay” is “anti-gay,” meaning discriminatory against gays. Otherwise, you are right: if a person happens to have enjoyed sex with people of the same sex, and, for whatever reason, now enjoys or pretends to enjoy or whatevers sex with the opposite sex, they would simply be heterosexual.

  • jeffree

    The REAL reason the teapartying Xristers area against Kagan is because she’s Jewish….. Go check out some fundie blogs and see how they’re worried about her not believing in Jésus.

    She’s also young enough that she could serve on SCOTUS for more than 30 years.

    They’re truely seeing her as an añtïçhrïst figure.

    OMG, she might *even* believe in evolution and deny the biblical teachings on how the sun revolvves around the earth !!

  • Argos

    Ex-gay is a crock of shit. If such a method DID exist to turn someone from being gay into straight (and I sincerely doubt such a method exists), they would be STRAIGHT, not ‘ex-gay’. I’m also curious as to why most of these stupid reparative therapy groups are so secretive about their patients, and never want to do followups or allow outside interviewers. And sorry PFOX, but a guy fantasizing about men while fucking his wife isn’t heterosexual, he’s gay, or at the very least a bisexual who has a far greater attraction to men than women. And no spouse deserves to be treated like that, sorry.

    I also personally think that many in the ex-gay community just got sick of being treated like shit, so they went back into the closet and decided to play heterosexual to please their family and friends. Can’t say I blame *some* of them, I’d probably rather pretend to be straight than to be beaten to death too, but I’m fortunately not in such a position. Lying to yourself and others still doesn’t seem like a particularly healthy way to live your life in my opinion.

  • Cam

    I just LOVE this comment “”There is no hate like that against the ex-gay community.””

    Thats funny, because I don’t see any federal laws preventing “Ex Gays” from Marrying somebody of the opposite sex, or serving in the Military. I don’t see video footage from the 1950’s of fire hoses being used on EX gays marching. I don’t recall Iran hanging EX gays.

    They have latched onto the same phony “You can’t argue with me because I’m such a victim” BS that the Mormons try to use when they are spouting THEIR bigotry.

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