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“Philomena” Poised For Indie Greatness

2013-11-11-philomena1Each year there are strong standouts from the world of Indie-filmmaking — the Junos, Slumdog Millionaires and Little Miss Sunshines of the world. Well, all signs indicate that the new Stephen Frears film Philomena is poised to join the Hollywood grown-ups table this Thanksgiving weekend.

Deadline reports the Judi Dench/Steve Coogan project performed well in limited release (just four screens in L.A. and N.Y.), earning a very impressive $33,429 per screen average and 94% of exit poll comments rated the comedy-drama as “excellent” or “very good.” The film’s distributer is confident that once audiences across the country get a taste, word-of-mouth will continue to run strong.

If you couldn’t tell already, we’re pretty excited about it ourselves. Coogan and Dench bring outstanding chemistry that is simultaneously touching and quite funny. Well-received at festivals and in the U.K. where it opened earlier this month, the film is already generating major Oscar buzz for its potent performances and sharp screenplay.

Look for it nationwide on November 27.