PHOTO: Chris Kluwe Is Gettin’ His Fitness On

PHOTO:  Minnesota Viking Chris Kluwe said he was flattered when Out magazine asked him to pose shirtless. So the staunch marriage-equality ally should be touched that we’re drooling over this photo he posted on Lockerz, right?

Don’t take Kluwe for a narcissist though, he posted the photo as part of an ongoing workout regimen: “Day 19 Of Operation Adrian Abs—Almost 3 weeks worth of work, and as promised, a photo update. Slow but steady.”

Well, we fell in love with Chris for his mind and spirit, so we’ve decided it’s okay for us to enjoy his body for a moment. (You can learn about his typical daily abs workout here.)


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  • Dumdum

    Drooling? He’s so hot, it makes my teeth sweat!!! Holy mother of God!!! Somebody fetch me some smellin salts, I’m gettin the vapors.

  • JoeWatchesTV

    “Hey, that straight guy stood up for us, let’s objectify him!”

    Does anyone else see what’s wrong here?

  • horace

    Joe- Thank you for pointing that out.
    WE have a long way to go as well.

  • Lefty

    @JoeWatchesTV: “Does anyone else see what’s wrong here?”

    Is it that you think sexual attraction or physical appreciation is somehow a negative thing and something to be ashamed of?
    If not, I don’t understand your objection.

    Horace: a long way to go where? Neutered asexuality?

    Kluwe says he was flattered by being asked to pose shirtless by Out. He posted this picture online himself.
    In what way is appreciating how beautiful or sexually attractive he is a bad thing?

  • viveutvivas

    I for one love being objectified, and so, apparently, does Chris Kluwe, so get that broomstick out of your backsides.

  • Hunter

    @JoeWatchesTV: “Does anyone else see what’s wrong here?”

    I think what’s wrong here is that you’re jumping straight into a fairly rigid PC mode without taking into account the context: We already admire Kluwe for his intelligence, eloquence, commitment to justice, and humor. He has posted a picture for public viewing documenting his workout routine. To anyone with any imagination who has kept up with the news, he’s a real person, or as real as he can be for those who have not met him. To admire his physical condition hardly seems equivalent to “objectifying” him.

    If you think that admiring someone’s physical attributes is necessarily objectifying them, I think you need to step back and develop some perspective. I have to agree with Avery’s last comment in the post: it’s OK for us to admire his body, since we already admire his mind and spirit.

  • JoeWatchesTV

    @Hunter: C’mon, I’ve been following this story and the various comments both pro and con and none of you are convincing me. Check yourselves not me.

  • RLS

    *sigh* it wouldn’t be gay media unless there was some new straight white guy to worship for having a publicist savvy enough to make him an “ally” and pimp him out to the LGBT community.

    It’s all so very tired. My theory is that the oldsters who run these orgs still have some self hatred issues to get over, hence the uber excitement whenever a straight guy “accepts” us.

  • FStratford

    Beautiful inside and outside. Sigh. Lucky woman, his wife…

  • Dumdum

    @RLS: I was wondering when someone was going to play the self hate card. This man is a positive role model to both the heterosexual and homosexual. He is a smart, funny, compassionate man doing what he thinks is the right thing to do. He PLAYS SPORTS you idiot, he is not an actor or a politician. Professional athletes already get paid a lot of money. And I hardly think he’s going to get rich endorsing Gay equality issues. I can only assume by your comment that you are a young person, to be so cynical and negative must be VERY exhausting for you. Perhaps you should have a nap or a time out.

  • Hunter

    @Dumdum: Thank you. You saved me the trouble.

  • Dumdum

    @Hunter: I wanted to ask if he needed his blankie, but that seemed a little condescending.

  • balehead

    He is beautiful everywhere…

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