PHOTO: Friends Kiss (And Tell) At Chick-Fil-A In Cedar Rapids

Clayton, a Queerty reader from Iowa, sent us these photos of him and his friend Jerri (mohawk and sunglasses) smooching at the Chick-fil-A at Cedar Rapids’ Westdale Mall during Friday’s National Same-Sex Kiss Day.

“Jerri was told he was not allowed to hold his sign by mall security and a police officer because it was private property and a manager had complained. So to compromise we put the sign down and discussed our cause with people who out of curiosity came up and asked. 2 hours of discussing, 1 of holding hands, and a final (3 takes before we got the photo right) kiss at the end.”

Clayton was quick to clarify that he and Jerri are “just friends” are both single. With cute pics like these, not for long!