Video & Photo Gallery Sneak Peak: RuPaul on Mystery Girls

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Set your DVRs because RuPaul will be on tonight’s episode of ‘Mystery Girls’ on ABC Family at 8:30/7:30pm Central, but for those of you who can’t wait we’ve found some sneak peak photos from the episode! *SPOILER ALERT*

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Photo Credits: ABC Family

mystery-girls-bag-ladies-rupaul-abc-family 05

In tonight’s episode, entitled ‘Bag Ladies,’ Emilio (RuPaul) loses a very expensive bag that he needs for his big fashion show, and if he can’t find it then his career might be ruined! Can Holly and Charlie, played by Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth, help Emilio find the bag before it’s too late?

mystery-girls-bag-ladies-rupaul-abc-family 06

mystery-girls-bag-ladies-rupaul-abc-family 04

mystery-girls-bag-ladies-rupaul-abc-family 01

mystery-girls-bag-ladies-rupaul-abc-family 02

Is it just us or does RuPaul look a little surprised that they found the bag? He does look sort of guilty…

mystery-girls-bag-ladies-rupaul-abc-family 03