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  • jkb

    Whoever wrote this piece is crazy. Ted was hilarious! Although we agree that this scene should have been left in the movie. :)~

  • 2eo

    @jkb: Must be an American thing, I found it painfully witless and unfunny.

  • jkb

    @2eo: What country are you from?

  • MikeE

    @jkb: Lackofhumoristan

  • dkmagby

    Well I don’t think it was suppose to be witty. It was made by the same guy who did Family Guy. And you totally get out of it what you should expect. Loved it myself.

  • the other Greg

    @jkb: 2eo is a Brit so try imagining his comment aloud in the voice of Stewie from Family Guy.

  • orcanyc

    I thought the movie was so so funny laughed till I cried and yes, would of loved to
    see Joel naked in the movie.

  • balehead

    So cute! Can’t wait for him to come out already!!

  • boring

    Country of origin does not play into how funny and/or unfunny Ted is.

    I’m not seeing it because I’m not a fan of Seth MacFarlane, or Mark Whalberg’s face, which is only upstaged in terribleness by his acting, especially when it comes to accent work.

  • the other Greg

    @boring: “Accent work”? Nobody is saying Mark W. is a great actor but he did grow up in Boston, so in The Perfect Storm & Ted he was merely reverting to his native accent (sometimes referred to as “not acting”).

    His character in Ted was so dumb I could definitely believe he was not acting at all!

  • DickGreenleaf

    Amazing, Nude and his high forehead is still his most prominent feature.

  • MMDD

    Wow, what a gorgeous body!!!

  • MMDD

    @DickGreenleaf: Oh please. If you want to talk overly prominent forehead, look at Neil Patrick Harris.

  • AEH

    @MMDD: Pfft. Please. Kurtwood Smith is the king of prominent foreheads. If you disagree, he’ll put his foot up your ass.

  • Evji108

    I like Joel’s forehead. I think he is cute.

  • queertypie

    Smokin’ hot.

  • MMDD

    @AEH: Ah…well, yeah, you have a point there.

  • IvanPH

    Huge forehead? Breaking Bad cutie Aaron Paul is the guy you are all looking for.

  • DarthKitsune

    I’d rather stare at this than have watched Ted, I’ll never get that time back.

  • sdartnut

    He’s funny on Community.
    This pic looks posed so as not to really show us any genitals or even butt crack. His hair and smile are too perfect. Major photo touch up?
    But I wouldn’t watch him for sex appeal.
    Don’t plan to see Ted.

  • startenout

    He’s hot. That is all.

  • marston5000

    That is a dam f***ing shame!
    Let’s all go nude on one special day of the year. Call it “Nudity Day” ….A day where we celebrate the body.

  • Matt1961

    @MikeE: haha

  • balehead

    Don’t forget the bad fashion..very few tall men can rock the two buttom coat with the bottom button undone….

  • gskorich

    it’s the smile I could do with out.

  • Mmmrrrggglll

    Nice chest, nice abs, nice quads, nice calves. Sexy.

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