PHOTOS: A Treasury of the Greatest Christmas Gays on Tumblr

Merry Xmas (or whatever) to you! Where are you celebrating this year? Did you make the trek back home to your childhood home, where you eat dinner with your parents at 4 p.m.? Are you airing your grievances? Are you on your own, making the most of your solitude with a pine-scented bubble bath? Are you out with friends, getting blitzed? Are you eating Chinese food with some other Jews?

We all have our own ways of keeping the solstice in our hearts. Scroll down to see some of our favorite Tumblr finds from the holiday season.

hot santa

Woof! Our favorite thing about Xmas is all the beards. Beards and bears, keep ’em coming.


gay tree

It’s true. Christmas trees are just the gay versions of regular pine trees. Don’t get the sap in your eye, Gabriel, it buuuurrrrns.


xmas bears

Did we mention our enthusiasm for beards and bears? Get it, girl.


wreath kiss

Aaaaaah, too cute! Look how romantic. It’s like the cover of a romance novel! We want to write some fanfic about these adorable boys.


freedom to marry xmas

Some clever marketing from Freedom to Marry.


xmas tree kiss

Another awesome couple. Get a room, you two! Then get married and spend the rest of your lives together in love.


xmas dress

Well helloooooo girl! Way to strut those legs around. Sass and style. You can totally sit on our lap.


flaming jew

Is this shirt gay? Yeah, sure, why the hell not.



We will totally melt every time we see a boy with cute little animal ears. Look at him, gazing apprehensively at the gathering snowstorm. Don’t worry Rudolph! You can pull the sleigh! Might want to wear a scarf of something, though.

Also: we hope we are not spoiling a surprise, but one romantic lady is planning to propose to her girlfriend on Xmas and wants to enlist the internet’s help. Go check out the details.