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  • Ian

    #5 is the only pic I thought was really sexy in any way, the rest not so much although nearly half have a funny Zoolander quality to them. #21 is funny in that it looks like a horse stable for underwear models.

  • Drew

    hmmmmmmmm. If I had to: #7, #14, #19. IAN is right, an odd Zoolander look to the pics. Not sure if it’s the model or the photographer(s). Of course, I’ma ho… so I’d still do him. LOL

  • Tessie Tura

    #2 looks like he…. never mind. It had something to do with Adam Lambert.

  • Sean

    Ditch the underwear and #20 would be spectacular! He’s right where I want him, grrrr! The rest, yawn….handsome guy, boring pictures.

  • Rick Gold

    Perhaps the do not realize this guy is hideous?

  • EdWoody

    Meh. Not really my type, although I’m sure I probably wouldn’t kick him out if he came begging for it.

  • Bucky

    I have never seen a bigger bunch of haters, losers and amateur art critics in my life. 99% of you douchebags couldn’t land a guy that looked like this if you had a handful thousand dollar bills in one hand and the cure for herpes in the other. Grow the fuck up and don’t say anything if you can’t say something constructive.

  • Dallas David

    He doesn’t look happy.
    What’s up with that?
    Would it kill him to smile, just a little?

    Say “Cheese!”

  • Roger Rabbit

    Ok, what is WRONG with this site! I was just redirected to a bible quiz website advertisement!!!

  • pete

    @Roger Rabbit: Yeah, I got that too! Couldn’t click off of that fast enough. Also sick of these voice ads that you have to scroll to find out what the fuck it is. And sometimes there’s no way to shut them up! Annoying.

  • Jeffree

    If he just smiled like he wasn’t “posing” he’d be much better looking…

    Site issue: When I click to see “hidden” comments, I get redirected to another site. Grrrrrr…

  • alan brickman

    “not really my type”….can you even get him??? he’s hawt and you’re so jealous

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