PHOTOS: Benjamin Godfre Being Naughty For Venfield 8 (Exclusive)

PHOTOS: One of our favorite photographers, Venfield 8, sent us some exclusive photos of Benjamin Godfre, who has no problem being dirty in front of a camera (link NSFW)

In the shots below, however, Ben is being downright naughty. I mean, a cigarette? What about the children???


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  • Randal Oulton

    Guns and gun violence is not sexy. Big turn off. Especially after the massacre in Connecticut today. Am appalled at Queerty’s sense of timing on this. Really insensitive.

  • nsomniac

    @Randal Oulton I don’t think this really has anything to do with what happened in Connecticut today at all. How you even put the two things together I have no idea.

  • Randal Oulton

    @nsomniac. Sorry you have no idea, I don’t know how to help with that.

  • Jimmy995kc

    Sadly, I agree with Randal on this. Thoughts of the Connecticut massacre was what came to my mind as I started to watch this video. I say started, because I did not watch more than a few seconds before I shut it down. I think any romanticizing of gun use on this sad day is inappropriate and insensitive.

  • DirtyOleMan

    guns are never sexy regardless of today’s events..Shame on Querty

  • venfield 8

    As an artist, I almost never offer explanations about my work – that is for the viewers. However, after reading the preceding comments, I am compelled to offer an explanation. The work titled ” Luxury Violence” is EXACTLY a commentary on the issues raised in the comments today. The work holds up a mirror to the glamorization of violence, the supposition of American’s lust for designer everything, extending to violence itself. As myself and the models put together the piece ( months ago, I might add, before today’s tragic events ) we tried to visually realize a world in which violence was idolized, fantasized and yes, even sexualized. And that world is the one we live in. In America ( an elsewhere ) there will always be people that will want more, or better. Where regular violence doesn’t fit their social standing, where the need for “Luxury” violence arises. We tried to show that absurdist conclusion. You may not like or agree with that idea, but that is what art is for. The fact remains, we live in an America where today’s horrible events are ok. As a society, we were all horrified at Columbine all the way through Oregon’s shopping mall shooting just last week. But we did nothing. We didn’t demand bipartisan action from our government. We didn’t hold arms manufactures responsible. We said we were shocked, people made statements using the phrases ” our thoughts and prayers…” and things like ” deeply saddened”. Then we went on. We went on to make the latest James Bond movie number one ( a celebration of sex and violence if ever there was one), we went on to play our new version of the bestselling Call to Duty: Black Opps video game – honing those trigger skills, learning to track moving targets. You may say that there is a distinct difference between fantasy and reality, and I would argue that it is a blurry one. My image, a fantasy one, is meant to be absurd. What happened today is sickening, monstrous and gut wrenching. It was also, sadly, inevitable. Because we have said it is OK. Instead of knee jerk comments here or accusations and faux moral indignations at Queerty or myself, do something real. If you are outraged tell those who represent you in government. Think about what you do to make violence acceptable in your life, your entertainment or even your art. As an artist, I express my revulsion towards violence by portraying it as an illogical, consumerist nightmare. Feel free to disagree.

  • DirtyOleMan

    @venfield 8: You make as much sense to me as Maplethorpe did. Considering what happened today, Queerty should have taken it down.

  • triryche3

    @venfield 8:

    First off it’s Call of Duty, not to. Second, there are millions upon millions of gamers, myself included, if games were that bad there would be millions upon millions of different assaults & killings a year. It’s not games, nor is it guns. It’s people who are mentally ill somehow who aren’t treated & slip through the cracks. Or it’s people who are just plain bad & will hurt innocent people with whatever they get their hands on. Today in China a man hurt 20 kids with a knife. Knife control regulations? What about the hundreds if not thousands of people who die in wrecks due to drunk drivers? Going to go after alcohol or vehicles?

    Even without guns people assault people with sticks, stones, baseball bats, fists…

    I’m not attacking you, but since the beginning of humans time on this planet hundreds of millions of people have been killed by other people & there is one common denominator in all of them: humans.

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