PHOTOS: “Capturing Love” Between Same-Sex Couples On Their Wedding Day


PHOTOS: Capturing Love: The Art of Lesbian and Gay Photography is sort of a how-to for wedding photographers interesting in capturing the LGBT demographic. Featuring images by 38 gay and lesbian photographers, its also offers advice on how to better serve same-sex couples in today’s diverse wedding market.

Author Thea Dodds was inspired by her own experience as a lenswoman working on her first same-sex wedding after more than a decade in the field. “It was the first same-sex wedding I’d ever attended,” she admits. “It was the first wedding I’d ever photographed where neither member of the couple was wearing a wedding gown. And it was the first wedding where the ceremony kiss turned out to be the first time this couple had ever kissed in front of their families.”

While Dodds is the first to say love is universal, she concedes there are some key differences that a photographer shooting a gay ceremony should understand.  So she teamed up on the book with Kathryn Hamm, president of

And if we do say so ourselves, they captured that uniqueness in loving color.

Photo: Kat Forder, feature photo: Jen Lynne


Photo: Maggie Rife


PHOTO: Meredith Hanafi


PHOTO: CHARD Photographer


PHOTO: Leslie Barbaro