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  • DJ

    I can’t imagine just how horrible these young hunks will look at 70 with all those tatoos on wrinkled sagging skin! A tat here & there is no big deal. But when your arm or chest or neck is covered with ink, time will make you look ridiculous!

  • Sam

    @DJ: Are you kidding! Who cares what they will look like at 70!

  • Steff

    To be fair I don’t think he’ll be posing topless for the camera when he’s 70.

  • AJ

    I love his big bat ears. And #16 is amazing, but is that a nose piercing?

  • sal

    he looks like he’s turning into butter next to that Victoria secret model,Miranda(think that’s her name?).they look cute together

  • Gayalltheway

    @AJ: I agree, #16 is a fantastic shot! I love androgynous looking guys. Very exotic!!

  • TANK

    Cohen? That is real name? WTF? Either that’s a fake tattoo (hopefully) or he’s non observant…but for the most part, even jew that don’t observe aren’t…tatted up like wannabe biker trash.


  • kademonster

    @TANK: Esquire Magazine estimated in March 2002 that 1 in 8 Americans was tattooed. A poll by Pew Research found that about 40% of adult aged 25-40 have at least one tattoo. That’s about 40 million Americans.
    So while being your personal opinion, not everyone thinks tattoos are BARF. If that’s what some choose to do, they could care less that you think their tattoos make them look like “biker trash”. Let’s try to be less judgmental.

  • TANK


    No. I won’t try to be less judgmental. I don’t care if it’s common, or, as the numbers indicate, not uncommon. It’s disgusting in my personal opinion. It’s deformity. And no, I don’t care what other people think. I never have, and never will. As the song says, people equals shit. If you can’t handle my personal opinion, then fuck yourself. Simple, no?

  • Steff

    If you can’t handle my personal opinion, then fuck yourself. Simple, no?

    Ha, and you say tattoos are deformed…

  • Rikard

    I continue to marvel at superficial nastiness passing for comment here. The “I hate” skinny, hairy, tattoos, dirty toe nails, long hair, muscles, shaved hair, moustaches, on and on. I would look away, but I’m fascinated. Who needs to make comments like this? Am I wrong when I think the photos are just a little diversion and when the guy isn’t to your taste you just don’t bother past the first couple of pics? What do you look like? Do I sound like that to others when I am being critical?

  • Helga Von Ornstein

    Excuse me for going just a bit off topic but let us ALL not forget that technically we are guest when we view blogs online.

    The majority of bloggers are nice enough to allow us to post our unasked for comments and opinions. I am grateful for that and I will also add that I too have posted negative comments in regards to pics that were posted here (those two twink euro twins a few weeks back were a bit too much and everyone for the most part agreed) but let us ALL not forget that if it bothers us THAT bad we DO have the option of creating our own blog or simply clicking on another article posted.

  • Sam

    @TANK: nihilistic much…

  • MTiffany

    @DJ: Didn’t you know? These guys aren’t ever gonna get old. They’ll be young forever. Aging is for us mere mortals and other assorted losers.

  • Gayalltheway

    @TANK People who think negatively about tattoos (or as I like to refer to it as body art) are usually people who do not have to balls to get it done! Simple, no?

  • TANK


    Eh, shaddup. I find people who predicate their masculinity on the so-called pain (if you think that’s painful, you don’t know from it) that accompanies “body art” aren’t men at all. Is that what you’re saying? It takes real courage/bravery to get a tattoo, huh? Pathetic.

  • Sean


    No balls, nuff said.

  • Michael vdB

    I think that even though some people may not like piercings or tats…remember this…people can do whatever the hell they want with their bodies. It is very hypocritical to tell people to respect our thoughts and beliefs and then turn around and diss someone else because of theirs. Tats may be personal and not for everyone, but respect the people that decide they want them.

  • TANK

    No one’s denying one the right to do whatever one wants with one’s body. I agree, people should be able to do literally anything they want with their bodies so long as it doesn’t impact anyone else. That being said, tattoos are vomit inducing and the people that have them are vermin. No respect for that.

    Hypocritical? Since when have I ever told anyone that other’s thoughts and beliefs are to be respected? That’s well beyond them being at liberty to have them and voice them at will. Like my belief that you’re not very intelligent, for one of a dozen possible examples.

  • Gayalltheway


    Fair enough. I accept your “opinion” about tattoo being “vomit inducing” and the people who have them are “vermin”.
    Now, let me share some of my opinions;
    I think YOU are a “vermin” and also very “pathetic”. It’s obvious that you have zero social skill just by seeing the way you respond to others on a blog (which explains why you are trolling blogs and insulting others here just to pass time). One thing that is “vomit inducing” is your personality, if you have one that is. I feel sorry for your friends (if you have any) and family members to have known you. I think YOU really are “equal shit” not because you disrespect others but you disrespect yourself. I’ve already wasted enough time responding to your comments and to voice my opinion about YOU because YOU don’t worth shit. That being said, I won’t be checking this thread after this so you can respond all you want but I just don’t give a fuck.

    Just saying..

  • Pragmatist

    @TANK: Dude, you’re sounding a bit… oxygen-deprived. I don’t care for most tattoos either, but to state that anyone who has one is “vermin” — really? An opinion that strong that strong regarding other people’s personal choices seems neurotic.

  • jim

    @Pragmatist: one person’s vermin is another person’s white trash…

  • hardmannyc

    “I can’t imagine just how horrible these young hunks will look at 70.”

    Sustitute anything for “young hunks” (“female models” “beauty queens” ” Wall Street executive” “garbagemen” “housewives”) in that sentence and you’ll see how idiotic that statement is.

    As for tattoos, I love them! I think they look sexy and cool — and yes, I have three of them and cherish them. I have an idea: If you don’t like it: DON’T LOOK.

  • hardmannyc

    Oh, and I’m Jewish.


    I don’t see tattoos as an issue of morality, vermin-ness, or whatever, and a lack of courage is far from the only reason someone wouldn’t like them or want one… to me, though, no matter how meaningful or intricate or outright beautiful the tattoo itself is, almost without exception the person it’s on would look better without it.

    (in this specific case, it doesn’t help that, at least in #8 which I’m looking at now, the tattoo resembles some bizarre wallpaper Grandma had in the 70’s)

  • Chris

    All I can say is that I have several tattoos, including a half sleeve in progress. My bf has none, but he loves mine. And so do many other random people (guys and girls) that I meet. They appreciate it for the art form that it is. So, I’m all for “to each his own,” but I do take offense that some people think all tattoos are trashy, because, like everything else in life, there are varying degrees of beauty in tattooing.

  • Bunion

    I feel like I’m in Japan (you will be kicked out of a Golds Gym in Tokyo for having a tattoo). This guy is hot, and his tats only add to his allure and who the fuck cares what he will look like forty years from now…most of us will be gone.

  • balehead

    Face it already..he’s hawt!! Stop the online Bullying!!

  • Mark Jenkins

    Everyone here seems to be WAY to concerned with getting Tank to change his mind- or with what he thinks. He’s entitled to his opinion (even if none of us agree with him)-Am I defending him? HELL NO! The model’s a hottie! He probably won’t care what he looks like when he’s 70- by that time they’ll probably be able to photoshop your actual body and erase the blemishes you don’t like. I LIKE tattoos and piercings if they’re done well and tastefully. Logan McCree has tribal tats over his whole body- and on him it looks good.- I wouldn’t do it,cause my physique is headed south fast if I don’t do something soon- and it’s WAY too expensive when you’re on a budget. But I find them addictive, too- I have two so far and will get more as I can afford them. Bottom line- this uneducated, mean spirited bozo is entitled to his opinion- but we as readers don’t have to give him the time of day or even acknowledge his existence,which I imagine is pretty lonely, if he talks to people in person the way he’s addressed some of us online.

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