PHOTOS: Come See Le


MORNING GOODS — Is it that all models are personal trainers, or all personal trainers fancy themselves models? We’re not sure which version of the “chicken and egg” scenario Peter Le conforms to. (Photos: John Hough, Jae Chang, Don Pollard, J. Davy Kirkpatrick, Paul Mariano, Ron Reyes, Edendale, Krunnch Photo)

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  • benwa

    holy pooh how did he escape from that cage I had him in!. Those legs! are there more pics than the first one cause I’m stuck on the first one…

  • unclemike

    Yes, please! Very nice pick-me-up for the middle of the week slump.

  • D-Sun


    I’ve recently redefined my definition of heaven.

  • hardmannyc

    Asian men have the smoothest, most translucent skin. Love this guy!

  • Adam

    that’s a LOT of steroids!

  • Kieren

    LOVE this guy. Have been following him forever. Even tried to start a wikipedia entry on him BUT he’s been blocked. Very strange!

    He has a website that is NSFW (not safe for work) at and a MySpace page

    There’s also a great interview with him (again NSFW) at

    Does this make me a stalker? Does he need an agent???

  • AlanInSLC

    Pic #8 is probably one of my favorite pics ever on this site. Beautiful artistry and a beautiful man too!

  • Zreveals


  • Lakas

    there’s something unnatural & grotesque to his whole physique–why it’s genetically modified (see the GM mark on hiss). You know he grew up skinny & scrawny until he discovered the joys of steroids. I mean he’s got a pretty face and would totally bang him. But I’m sure he’ll look far more fuckable if he embraced his natural genetic endowments.

  • Douglas Gibson Jr


  • hardmannyc

    @Lakas: Dude, you are so clueless. If he was on juice, he’d be much bigger. Maybe he’s juiced at some point, but it’s far from obvious.

    But then again admitting that would mean admitting that diet and exercise can get you to look like that.

  • Lakas


    Ok muscle mary… what is your point? it’s ok to take steroids to genetically modify one’s body and when someone else state the obvious then that’s not cool.

    Why pretend when it’s OBVIOUSLY “enhanced” unnaturally.

    You just know I’m right with Mr. Le taking the juice–even your own admission. If you really want to get into the whole “diet & exercise” argument, look no further and see how naturally skinny Mr. Le’s genetic lineage is. No amount of diet & exercise, without the aid of steroids, will get his body that huuge. Steroid use is rampant in the gay community. Are you advocating for its regular use? Some gay men are affected by body dysmorphic issues, anorexia, bulimia and some even strive for that perfect ideal that Mr. Le has so perfectly adapted.

    Exhibit A: Mr. Le.

  • Prof. O. G. Whataschnozell

    I love the pics and wonder how much longer it will be before we start seeing more Chinese men on the bodybuilding scene. I love ymetrical butts on oriental men though I do know they are no different than the rest of humanity as a whole as for being round or flat, attractive of flabby. It is all in the genes.

    As for juicing up it is now a given in the “sport”. I no longer look for it unless it is so obvious the person looks cartoonish.

  • akn

    I’m compelled to make your first comment more accurate by clarifying that most EAST Asian men have smooth skin. I’m 100% Vietnamese and have hairier legs & ass than most of my white male friends. Not uncommon among Southeast Asians. All DO NOT look same.

  • Em

    It should be “cum see le”

    just sayin’

  • hipsz

    hot hot hot

  • Dr Josef Mengele

    “GENETIC LINEAGE” Ooooooo, der man after my own heart! I haf been looking for an assistant to help mit my experiments. Please to get me Yao Ming, den vee can schart! Vee can cut open he’s head and zee vat makes him soooo big. As for you, vee already know, da head iz empty!

  • Suburban

    He has a great body. I really like pic 2 but the lighting sucks.

  • Bitch, please!

    Some among us have decided to adapt an unrealistic, hyper-masculine body proportion, which is impossible to attain naturally for most, to avoid being being called a sissy or being attacked (verbally and physically). And so they have decided on the help of steroids, thanks to people who keep claiming that they are harmless. They have taken the other extreme route from drag queens, who have decided to come out roaring with their femininity. I think if society treated us with nonchalance, we would probably see much less of each. Afterall, outer manifestations of masculinity and femininity is determined more by culture than by biology.

  • alan brickman

    he’s very beautiful..don’t be jealous…

  • tommyb

    OMFG he’s so hot

  • DL

    So glad to see a beautiful Viet man representing . Steroids or not, it’s not easy to be that beautiful :)

  • Ted C.

    @Lakas: I have a Vietnamese cousin who’s quite muscly, and I don’t think he’s on steroids. He’s not as muscly as Le here, but seriously, he’s pretty muscly.

  • om sri

    oh please this guy is overrated. i’ve seen his video..small penis, good body though, but the face is so blergh…

  • Lakas

    @Bitch, please!:

    OMG! Did you just equate a drag queen’s courageous gender performance to the assimilationist cowardly hypermasculine ideal? FALSE EQUIVALENCE!!

  • Bitch, please!

    @ OM SRI: No, I was pointing out the extreme on each end of the “rainbow spectrum”.

  • Bitch, please!

    Sorry, the response was meant for LAKAS.

  • Mad Professah

    #4 and #1 are reasonable… #8 is good, but too small / far away to be a good photo.

  • Joanaroo

    Hot-Cha-Wa-wa! So, how much time would it take to lick around all those muscular nooks and crannies! WOW! :-)

  • D-Sun

    @om sri:

    Wow…If this guy has a small penis, my liver hurts just thinking about what you’d consider big…

  • galefan2004

    He is very interesting. He is cute and his body looks nice. Personally, and I’m not trying to be offensive, I find Asian females much more attractive than the average Asian male.

  • cruiser

    Personally I liked #’s 8 & 11


    I LOVE peter le
    he just looks like marc nelson.
    i have a photo set of peter ALL NUDE.
    and he has a big cock.
    he’s uncut though. how i wish i could suck him and him fuck me


    @om sri:

    can you share the link for the video?

  • Phil

    Crying steroids is just ridiculous. True, most Asians tend towards ectomorphism, but that is not a sentence to scrawnyess. It’s entirely possible, given a strict diet and proper exercise, to achieve size like that. So what if we’re hard gainers. That doesn’t mean impossible gainers.

    In most of his pictures I don’t think he’s reached his genetic potential. To belittle another’s accomplishments by claiming steroids is bitchy and queeny, and certainly not a stereotype I would want to perpetuate.

    Besides, a couple obvious signs of steroid abuse is uneven masculature, a distended abdomen or gynostemia. I don’t see any of them and his physique isn’t extreme enough to raise eyebrows in THAT regard. (Unless you’re either ignorant or a combination of jealous and lazy.)

  • jacob

    Pic 10 is mannnn…… i am drooling …

  • David Smith

    she’s cute.

  • Wood

    What’s wrong if he is gay?

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