PHOTOS: Cosplayers Come Out At NY Comic Con 2013


X-Men and Superman and… shirtless Ghostbusters? Oh my! Yes, thanks to thousands of costumed fans, there were some twists — homoerotic, gender-switching, and otherwise — on familiar comic, video game, movie, and pop culture icons this past weekend at New York Comic Con. A hirsute Wonder Woman? Check! Oh heck, why should we numerate when you can savor a gander for yourselves!

Let us know in the comments section which one you like best!


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  • Greg Garavani

    The guy with the green bow and arrow, please marry me.

  • D P

    The two shirtless guys with “Free Hugs” written on their chests are delicious. I don’t think I’d want to stop with a hug.

  • Justinian

    @D P: Ikr gheez such hotties I would give them a nice warm bear hug :D

  • Aedan Roberts

    This list was a lot of fun! I was there as “Slutty Mario” and “Slutty Sora” helping at the Geeks Out booth (an organization built to provide a safe, fun space for everything LGBT geek culture) and had a blast taking pictures with some of my favorite costumes as well. I think you’ll find a few more costumes you will smile at if you want to check out my Instagram: The handle is “AedanRoberts”. It was a great weekend!

  • Mr. E. Jones

    @D P:

    Agreed! I want to know if there’s a limit, or can I take all the hugs I want?

    The Adventure Time Finn boy was great, too, but that makes me sound pervy.

    And fat Wonder Woman was the best!

  • stranded

    It’s a mix bag. I mean, you’re kind of glad, that what you’re into is now kind of popular, but then conventions become a fucking drag because there
    s too many damn people. But then more people means more publicity and sneak peak viewings. Dressing up was always for out there personalities, Then all these good looking people look better in costume then legit fans. Insecurity sets in. I’m chubby, but whatever i’ll be Doctor Who, then you see a good looking guy who looks better, then you feel like a wanna be. But how are you a wanna be if you’ve been doing this for years and most of these people don’t know the difference between marvel characters and DC???!!!

  • Bozen

    I like when I see all out cosplay
    Half-assed cosplay is like cold coffee

  • Jayb3369

    I’ll take that silver x-man on the left.

  • Bozen

    @Jayb3369: you mean Colossus

    He’s gay in an alternate Marvel timeline, “Ultimate Colossus”

  • boring

    The answer is Deadpool.

    The answer is ALWAYS Deadpool.

  • Teleny

    @Greg Garavani: I thought that too!!! He’s fine!!!

  • Scribe38

    Asian Robin won my little black heart over…

  • elbertdijkgraaf

    Bonus points for Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg, the wicked witch, Inspector Gadget and the boyscout/grandpa from Up! Dressing up as Wolverine, Spiderman and Deadpool is so random.

  • scotshot

    @stranded: The point is to get out there and enjoy what you’re into. Coming from personal experience you’ll regret it forever if you don’t. The way I look at it is if you see someone pretty, enjoy.

  • boring

    @elbertdijkgraaf: Dressing up as Wolverine/Spider-man/Deadpool is so random? At Comic Con? What?

  • Mr. E. Jones


    Very good comment, stranded.

    Last year a female friend went to the Toronto show as Princess Leia, and as she was walking by some of the “beautiful” cosplayers, she heard one girl say, “She’s too fat to dress like that.” After going to the T.O. show for 20 years, that was the first time she heard someone say something negative about her body, and she felt like shit. And the sad thing is, she isn’t fat at all. Just not rail-thin.

  • orjeffy

    The pic of Carl and Russell melted my cold, dead heart.

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