PHOTOS: Cosplayers & Cuties at GaymerX

This weekend was the huge gay-gamer convention GaymerX in San Francisco, and boy howdy was it a blast. Thousands of nerdy queers packed into the Hotel Kabuki for panels, booths, tournaments, cosplay, and breeding (of Pokémon, that is).

We dispatched intrepid nerd-photographer Matt Baume (whom you may know as the creator of the Marriage News Watch YouTube series) to snap a few pics. Browse through his favorite snaps below, and if you haven’t had your fill check out an even more massive gallery over on Facebook.


Here’s Dante. Perhaps you’ve heard of his inferno? Anyway, he and his lovely friend are melting our hearts.


This cosplay is super-effective (at tenting our pants). Get ready to perform Volt Tackle!


The team from So Much Drama Studios shows off their new RuPaul game, Dragopolis.


Jade and Riddick battle over whose universe is more dystopian.


Sexy Amateratsu and Chibiterasu perform for the judges at the Cosplay masquerade. Apparently baring your skin works, because he later won “Best Queer Cosplay.” (Note the rainbow streamers.)


The new Doctor brought his dancing shoes. The Saturday night dance featured hours and hours of giddy chiptunes.


There were a bunch of sexy Links at the conference. How many, exactly? Well, that’s a secret to everybody.


We choose all of you! This lucky trainer nabbed a lovely Chansey, Bulbasaur and Pansage.


Ness seems to be enjoying a bit of a renaissance lately, with the re-release of Earthbound. There were at least three sexy Nesses roaming the hotel.


Just bros being bros.


Wife-and-Husband VO artists Ellen McLain (Portal, Pacific Rim) and John Patrick Lowrie (Team Fortress 2) greet the nerds. Ellen’s currently shooting an indie film about a dad and his gay son called Winning Dad, and John has a new book out called Dancing with Eternity.


GaymerX organizers Matt Conn and Kayce Brown welcome the crowd.


Pandora Boxx menaces the crowd with a performance of White Rabbit.


Queer nerds traveled across the country to come together for one big group hug.


Here’s Kayce and Matt, surrounded by the party that they made possible. Now, how to top it next year?