PHOTOS: Cruising For Street Style In New York City


Style is all about personality. Yes, putting together a look can boost your style or even your confidence, but its not about how you look — it’s more about the attitude you give it. And New York City is all about attitude, whether it’s the random fight breaking out in a burger joint at 2 a.m. or the  two queens giving you the death stare while you try to snap their picture. Each day is a fashion show, and every person a potential model.

In honor of fall fashions, Queerty sent photographer Michael Page Wright through the streets of New York to meet and record the fashionable hotties roaming about.

Check out the street style of some of  NYC’s most fashionable denizens… 


I shot this gentleman in Soho, where I admired his calm, cool, and collected vibe, accentuated by the simplicity of his hoodie and sweats style. Even when he opened his mouth to speak it had a romance to it that was intoxicating. Perhaps it was how the calm gray hoodie framed his face and emphasized his words.


These two I happened across at Lincoln Center during Fashion Week. They gave the ‘tude you get when you mix the twins in The Shining with the feeling Lindsay Lohan got when she said “jambo” to the table of vicious hotties in Mean Girls.


This look was major because of its effortlessness. Showing a hint of Rick Owens, the best part is he had no idea how stylish he really is. (The guns don’t hurt either!) I saw him walking around midtown with this Alpha Male thing going on. The second he spoke I realized he was was the opposite: playful and gregarious. He was shocked that I wanted to take his picture and I had to twist his arm, no easy task.



You can’t go wrong with glitter in my book, especially in shoes. On this young man, styling Dorothy-esque slippers in Soho, they somehow screamed hope and optimism. Unsurprisingly, the proud owner needed no arm twisting, flashing a big smile the moment I pointed the camera. I caught him mid-sandwich. We had a laugh as he finished chewing and searched for a place to hide his the food from view.



This Soho guy’s strong, quiet confidence was offset by a playful side, evident in the neon bag juxtaposed with denim. When I asked him to pose he just giggled and then played it straight for the camera, so to speak.



This dude’s definitely too cool for school, even though his look is teaching the children a thing or twenty about style. Meticulous and precise, even the buttons on his jacket coordinate with all the gold accents in his jewelry, sunglasses and safety pin collar. Upon asking permission to photo, he wordlessly just struck a pose, moving himself into the the perfect light. This was not his first photograph.


I live for a spunky girl. She prowled the streets like a jungle cat and the second I approached her to take her picture, she threw her bag aside, fluffed her mane and pouted for the lens. She had the Lower East Side fire about her with a vintage kick — Miss Girl was camera ready, honey!


Dark skin and bright color go together like redheads and green. The vibrance of her top mixed with her skin was a kind of heaven. Her attitude mimicked her look and her softness belied the “pow” side to her message.


Cool shoes are the cherry on top of any outfit. Came across these on Park Ave on the Upper East Side.



This gent was strolling through Lincoln center. His stride was urgent so I was surprised he agree to stop and be photographed. I live for people who have some humor about their style and the jacket says everything you need to know about a guy.
12This man knows how to work color, giving you some Bowery/ NoHo hobo eleganza. The genius is as unintentional as it is fabulous. I gave him a dollar and told him he was indeed fab.