PHOTOS: Does David Beckham Deserve To Be Called “Underwear Model Of The Century?”

This is important.

In a recent interview with TMZ, Tommy Hilfiger bestowed quite the title upon David Beckham — one that’s sure to polarize the comments section.

The designer called the hunky footballer the “underwear model of the century.”

That’s a big bulge to fill. There’s some stiff competition out there. Really. No, really.

Here’s a look back at Beck’s most memorable moments in skivvies. We’ll let you be the judge.



David Beckham posts for his H&M Bodywear range-1264178


David Beckham-1738073

David Beckham-1528549

David Beckham films Bodywear advert for H&M-1742690


david beckham pants gallery-661186

David Beckham H&M Christmas Bodywear range-1425230

david beckham pants gallery-661189

david beckham pants gallery-661187

David Beckham celebrates the success of his bodywear collection at H&M with a new campaign-1264766

David Beckham celebrates the success of his bodywear collection at H&M with a new campaign-1264765

rexfeatures_2969959b-2850426 David-Beckham-Shoots-Day-2-Of-His-HM-Advert-In-East-London-2331420


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  • CityBoy300

    Yer kidding, right? Mark Wahlberg, is his Marky Mark phase, was a MUCH bigger (ahem) figure in mens scanties than Beckham will ever be. But, showing my age, the original Calvin Klein underwear model loomed LARGE over Times Square in a much less queer-friendly time, so my vote goes to Tim Hintaus.

  • Alan down in Florida

    I hate to restart a constant argument here but those tattoos draw attention away from the merchandise. It’s as if the underwear company wants to make sure you don’t look closely at their product.

  • Snapper59

    The answer is No and it’s celebratory ego stroking. Marky Mark or Jim Palmer, who for heavens sakes was in his Jockey underwear in Time and Newsweek back in the 1970s.

  • dougmc92

    we’re only 14 years into the century- let’s wait another 10 before we bestow that honor.

  • Jonty Coppersmith

    Nothing special about this dude. Not really handsome to me. His body is average, which I like better than the ‘roided-up, overly-muscular type, but he marred himself with so much ink that it’s just plain gross.

  • mingyao

    “Model of the Century”? Not even in the running.
    CityBoy300’s suggestion of Marky Mark easily trumps Beckham.

  • ppp111


    Wahlberg and Beckham don’t even come close to Jim Palmer. As far as I’m concerned, Palmer is in a class by himself. His body didn’t come from steroids nor is it covered with too many tattoos. He had the body of a man, not a twink. I still remember those Jockey underwear ads fondly.

  • mgmchicago

    Looks like he is modeling for a 1960 Sears catalog.
    Way too much airbrushing of the goods to be even remotely exciting.
    Barbie’s boyfriend has a more defined package.

    And, yeah, we are only 14 years into the new century.
    With the typical moderate progression of public “nudity” in the US…
    can you imagine the underwear models of 2096?
    Looking forward to seeing Zog wearing his holo-thong via my retinal implant.

  • Will L

    Tommy Hilfiger is entitled to his opinion. I personally find tattoos to be a major turn-off (for whatever reason) so I really don’t want to see Mr. Beckham with his upper body uncovered. His face is not particularly handsome either for that matter.

  • Tackle

    @gskorich: I agree. I wish that Queerty would reconsider this advertisement of straight men. It just reinforces the stereotype about gay men desiring/wanting/ lusting after straight men. Many of us do not. And also it sends a messag that the straight male is more desirable.

  • dvlaries

    A very fine body destroyed by a fad already exhausted and that Beckham is destined to regret as the decades pass.

  • Caleb in SC

    I agree with all of the Marky Mark suggestions, although his not-so-thinly-veiled homophobia certainly takes away from his hot factor. And, yes, I remember Jim Palmer from my youth. I’d like to throw Travis Fimmell into the mix. Now *that* was one hot man, and he still is.

  • rayk1970

    Agree with Mark Wahlberg but he wasn’t in this century. Alex Minsky beats Beckham hands down. Sexy, great build, nice personality, great character and a front/rear package made for underwear. They both have ink.

  • gatrdave

    For some, yes, tattoos are a fad, such as tribal armbands. But for many others, tattoos are not and have not been for decades. When one tattoos whole limbs then it’s beyond a fad and is something that the collector has accepted for the rest of his or her life. One seldom puts that much time and money into a “fad.”

    I am not sure how they are distracting unless one really abhors tattoos-it just seems easy to take one’s time and look at the photos and see what’s there. I guess I COULD could see tattoos as distracting just as some people might think body hair is distracting….

    Reinforcing the stereotype of gay men wanting straight men? Are we to ask a man’s sexuality first before we decide to lust after him? Some guys think Beckham is hot-slim, fit, with sexy tattoos and a nice guy. So what if he’s straight?

    Yeah-Wahlberberg and Palmer was 20th Century. And yes, we’re 15 years into the new century, but I won’t be around in later part of the 21st to talk about the best underwear model for this one, so let’s talk now!

  • barkomatic

    There’s no doubt that Beckham is a fine looking man without his clothes but I wouldn’t call him the underwear model of the century. There are plenty of much hotter men out there.

    This is definitely celebrity ego stroking.

  • drivendervish

    NO, He is not the underwear model of the century, Not even close!

  • Garth

    Nope …. not a chance of being close ! ! !

  • kevininbuffalo

    Marky Mark was HOT! Hotter than Beckham or Palmer.

  • nokkonwud


  • Bumper

    @kevininbuffalo: Come on. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. He’s a wildly successful underwear model and his sole job is not appeal to gay men. Women probably like him too! They buy their men their underwear. Speaking of too’s…..the guy is so hot, I don’t care. I even overlook the absence of body hair with this one. How do you look side by side to him? I know I would look like a toad compared him. LOL

  • Tommy

    He’s attractive, but there’s other underwear models out there who are just as attractive or even more. Have they seen some of the Andrew Christian models? Maybe some Calvin Klein models? Maybe it’s just a Tommy Hilfiger award and I’m getting all hyped up over nothing.

    He has that aged attractive look. Where he looks like her can be someone’s father or grandfather, plus with a sleeve of tattoos

  • LarsNtherealboy

    Googled Jim Palmer and I assumed the people picking him are just being nostalgic? Because the pic I saw were not even remotely impressive(I’m open to my mind being changed) and Beckham looks a 100x times better.

    Mark Wahlberg is just gross, don’t see the appeal.

  • Mike

    Uh no. Time to hang it up and play daddy now.

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