PHOTOS: Ending “Gingerism” One Gorgeous Redhead At A Time


Think of all the heroes and idols you worshipped as a child, and consider the modern celebrity men you most often emulate. How many of them are gingers? Are any at all?

The underrepresentation of red-headed men in the media is shocking when you consider how incredibly hot famous gingers like Damian Lewis and Kevin McKidd are, and it’s even more shocking once you discover the “gingerist” culture that systematically conditions us to believe red-headed men are weak, frail and unattractive punching bags. Aversion to fiery locks has been called “the last acceptable prejudice,” and it’s an obvious problem considering the amount of violent attacks reported against gingers across the globe has even sparked an entire anti-ginger-bullying campaign.

To help fight the nasty trend of gingerism by showcasing how strong, handsome, and downright desirable most gingers actually are, photographer Thomas Knights has spent the last two years of his life photographing hardbodied redheads to break the stereotype in a series called “Red Hot“:

[Gingers] are completely emasculated and desexualized in popular culture.

The main thing for me is the huge polarization between the way our society perceives ginger men and ginger women. You can name successful redheaded women in Hollywood. But with men, once you’ve said Damian Lewis, you’re stumped. There’s got to be a reason for that, because genetically it should be equal. But it hasn’t been allowed to happen. So I think the whole gingerism thing is a stealth form of acceptable racism that goes on in boardrooms, in authors’ minds. Look at Harry Potter – the redheads are the poor, weak family, the buffoons. If Harry Potter had been ginger, that would have been a different story.

“Red Hot” debuts at The Gallery in Redchurch Street in London this week, where playground bullies will regret every moment spent teasing these beautiful creatures.

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See more of Thomas Knights’ work and follow the Red Hot project on Facebook.

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  • LandStander


  • Zodinsbrother

    I love ginger guys.

  • Deepdow

    Yes please.

  • jlamb

    I’ve always been especially attracted to redheads…. maybe it’s because I grew up in the South, where i had about 6 or 7 in every class i took (out of 20 classmates). Down there, calling someone ginger is very derogatory. The term still makes me cringe. These pictures are great, but it does appear that some of the colors are quite enhanced.

  • yaoming

    No mention of Prince Harry?

  • CleJoke

    my 23 y/o bf is a firecrotch. i love playing connect the dots with his freckles. I always start at the north pole and work my way south. :-)

  • blackhook

    Gingers are hot, hot, HOT! …please keep ’em coming!

  • rhino79

    I oppose the recent importation of the British slang term “ginger” to describe those with reddish hair. This is an Anglicism without widespread usage in the US, except for obnoxious gay websites. In America, the term for those individuals born with melanin-deficient skin and carrot-hued locks is and has always been “redhead.”

  • Eiswirth

    These guys are stunningly gorgeous, except the top guy with the tattoos, which are disgusting.

  • dali

    I love ginger guys! There’s this filmmaker, Antonio da Silva, who has sensually and erotically rendered what gay sex might be with “Gingers”…

    You can find the trailer right here (NSFW):


  • xtincta

    Firstly anyone who uses a sentence with “the last acceptable prejudice” needs to be shot, there are plenty of prejudices our society still upholds.

    Secondly, I may be wrong but I assumed in America Red-heads didn’t face a lot of discrimination. Do you need to be reminded of the success of Lucielle Ball, Carol Burnet, Molly Ringwald, Christina Hendricks, Conan O’Brien, and even Lindsay Lohan. America has long loved it’s red heads. Infact those people sort of invalidate that first paragraph, who doesn’t love Lucy? Exactly.

  • redcarpet

    @xtincta: With the exception of Conan those are all women. And I’m sure they got shit for their red hair at times too.

  • dougmc92

    next to last, please….is this where we place an order???

  • Joetx

    “[Gingers] are completely emasculated and desexualized in popular culture” and “the last acceptable prejudice?”

    What a bunch of bunk.

    Check out dating websites & you’ll see plenty of “No Asians. No fatties. No fems.” I have yet to see anyone rule out red heads.

  • Dxley

    I rejected two guys when I was 21 because they were ginger. Never gonna date that shit, but we all have our preferences just as others are attracted to certain races and others aren’t. It’s always a personal thing!!!

  • ZaneStuart

    As a red-head (I don’t respond to “ginger” and “fire-crotch”) I have to think Thomas Knights is full of crap. If he wants to photograph men of a certain type at least be a little more creative with the Artist’s Statement. A nice lot of gorgeous men though!

  • Zodinsbrother


    Quick, shut down the internet in case the English language in America is polluted by, you know, the English language.


    Firecrotch is a very American term and feels very negative and hard though. I personally don’t like the sound of it but your rarely hear it in the UK.

    Anyway, I’m British and from a family with a lot of Gingers. In fact, although the hair on my head is a sandy blonde, when I grow a beard it’s a very bold coppery colour. And everyone I know in my family of gingers all use the term Redhead and Ginger interchangeably without any problem. It’s not the term “Ginger” which is pejorative as it’s been around for a very long time. It’s the occasional attitude to Ginger people, whatever you call the, which is sometimes problematic.

  • 2eo

    Hercules was born a ginger so he could swim in the River Styx unaffected.

  • 2eo

    @rhino79: Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

    Given your horrible bastardisation of my nations language has birthed the words swag and twerk your country can NEVER criticise any word our country creates.

  • DarkZephyr


    Why bring his country into it (which is also mine)? I am fine with the term “ginger” and use it myself. I like it better than “redhead”. Its classier. Trust me, Rhino79 is not the whole country.

  • 2eo

    @DarkZephyr: He chose to slag my country off, I merely reminded him that American English is by its own tacit admission solely a product of my country, and criticism, especially stupid xenophobic criticism like Rhino’s will be slapped down as and when.

  • Estella L. Marchand

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  • AuntieChrist

    @2eo: You are only partially correct…Ask any philologist..The first wave of English-speaking settlers arrived in North America during the 17th century, followed by further migrations in the 18th and 19th centuries. Since then, American English has been influenced by the languages of West Africa, the Native American population, German, Irish, Spanish, and other languages of successive waves of immigrants to the US…Oh yes and thanks for the Victorian Era that only set us back about 100 years.

  • AuntieChrist

    @2eo: Since I am of Irish decent, that may give you some clue as to my less than enthusiastic response…

  • 2eo

    @AuntieChrist: Thanks for the pota.. oh right.

  • 2eo

    @AuntieChrist: That’s fine, I have come to expect xenophobia and outright [email protected] from Americans, especially online, something about the isolationist mentality brings out the worst in even the most liberal person.

    Much like the people who defend Scotland the most, to slag off the English are Scots who live in England.

  • DarkZephyr

    @2eo: I agree that he was wrong, but its not the fault of all of America that he is that way. Not all of us are xenophobic. His xenophobia, as stupid as I agree that it really is, is his own fault.

  • AuntieChrist

    @2eo: @DarkZephyr: I am not xenophobic, just not very fond of priggish Brits who think there shit don’t stink.

  • DarkZephyr

    @AuntieChrist: I was talking about Rhino79 and not you. :)

  • the other Greg

    I’ve never heard anyone use “ginger” in SPEECH in this context in America, even at a gay bar. So far it seems to be strictly a print phenomenon.

    I have, however, heard Brits mispronounce “aluminum” as if it had an extra non-existent syllable. Which is especially irritating because obviously, in the normal course of events, the word aluminum hardly ever comes up. Brits go out of their way to say it just to be annoying.

  • AuntieChrist

    Their shit…

  • DarkZephyr

    @the other Greg: I have been hearing “Ginger” in speech in America since Copper Cab and South Park a few years ago.

  • AuntieChrist

    @DarkZephyr: Oops, sorry, my bad…I do not appreciate being called xenophobic… I am even more accepting of people than most gays…It is one thing to call someone on their shit with a good read…Quite another to attack them…The anonymity of social media allows people a level of cruelty that transcends normal convention and decorum…I should think a British person would have more common sense or at least try to be witty about it….LOL

  • the other Greg

    @AuntieChrist: Yeah but you hate cats, and anyone who hates cats is probably a xenophobe! Open your mind to our wonderful feline friends!

  • the other Greg

    @DarkZephyr: Oh right, I saw that one. Given the baleful influence of South Park, I have to believe you that it has seeped into speech!

    @2eo: When I was a kid, J.R.R. Tolkien upset me terribly by using the word “[email protected]” in “The Hobbit.”

    (Bilbo and the dwarves are at a campfire.)

    But it was a lesson in etymology that I never forgot!

  • AuntieChrist

    @the other Greg: I don’t hate them…I’m allergic and we had to tear up the wood flooring to get rid of the smell…There are dog people and cat people…The only things I truly hate are injustice, intolerance and ignorance…Oh and Arugula..

  • Caleb in SC

    @2eo: Well, let’s take it one step further. You can thank France for the current state of the English language since the majority of Modern English is a byproduct of the Norman invasion of England in 1066.

  • Fitz

    I love the look on the head… but I have to admit, one of my lovers is red, and I need him shaved in the crotch. (something I usually hate). The coursnes of it is weird. But those faces are lovely!

  • ZaneStuart

    @DarkZephyr: “Ginger” is classier? Until recently, in the US anyway, it was a derogatory term – much like “red headed stepchild” was forty years ago. Yes, languages evolve but in this instance defining one word “classier” than another is, well, just snobbish.

  • Niall

    Best series of Queerty photos ever! Redheads are hot, and I’ve got a weakness for them, I have no idea why they’re viewed as some kinda weird thing.

  • jwtraveler

    What is it about human beings that we constantly have to find new reasons to hate each other? And who decided that an uncommon hair color puts someone in another class of human being? It’s all just stupidity.

  • buckyr64

    I love, love love Ginger men. I hope Thomas Knights work has some variety. As usual, what Queerty shows are twinks. Is this publication a twink haven; do twinks run the editor’s office?? Every time an article is run, the illustrations shows twinks. You may have different races, but they will still be twinks. I find this publication interesting and enjoy reading, but I feel so disheartened by the “twinks are the only beautiful” attitude given by this publication. Should the title be Twinks Rule All or TRA, because then it would all make sense. Anyway, redheads or “gingers” are beautiful even the twinklereds.

  • Toby Ross

    People who know me and seen my work know I am just about nuts when it comes to redheads. They are fantastic in sex and are certainly in a class of their own. Check out their body language and it will speak back to you.

  • Ogre Magi


  • hotshot70

    the guy with the facial hair stubble is hot.

  • DonW

    @the other Greg: I agree that Brits can STFU already about what we Yanks have done to the language (they’ve made more than enough of a mess of it themselves). But pronouncing “aluminium” with a second “i” is not an affectation. It’s how the word is spelled and pronounced in most languages. There are interesting historical reasons for why Americans use the exceptional “aluminum,” but British snobbery is not one of them.

  • john

    WTF… i thought this whole “ginger” thing was a joke. In no way did I think this was a real thing in the world. Are people really disliking/prejudice against guys/girls because they have red/orange/pumpkin colored hair????

    This is “Bizzzzarre” …i thought it was meant as a funny thing on South ParK (Cartman especially) just to be Satirical and point out just the absurdity of prejudice. I was under the impression they did the whole ginger thing because it was an obvious joke that no one in their right mind would agree with but instead would see how ridiculous prejudice is if you can dislike “red heads”

    And now people on this thread are going nuts over the topic…CRAY CRAY CRAY…LOL LOL LOL

  • LeNair Xavier

    There’s plenty of stigma about Blacks and Asians, but since you are so busy keeping your site lily white, you tackle a stigma over….redheads?!

    Seriously, Queerty. Shallowness, racism, and above all, AVOIDANCE are NOT admirable traits of REAL gay men.

  • DarkZephyr

    @LeNair Xavier: Oh dear GOD LeNair Xavier. Its a good thing you are so hot or you would drive me absolutely nuts. You are so sexy though that its hard to stay irritated wit you for too long. All I have to do is click on your website and look at your pics and my annoyance melts away. <3

  • DarkZephyr


  • JDM

    Oh, Mr. Thomas Knights, I wish a photographer with your insight into redheads was around 20 years ago when I was young, more buffed, and still red-on-top. :) Thank you.

  • theoldboot

    Stunning boys, but why do they all cut their hair in the same style…?

  • moo

    I can confirm that the “ginger prejudice” thing is actually an English thing (not British) and it’s more of a joke between the English and Scottish. The English and Scottish pretend not to get on, but we do really.

    Personally, I’m not a fan of calling people “ginger”, with or without the hard Gs – I find redheads just as attractive as non-redheads – so, please, don’t adoption this slang. You’re likely to end up with the term but not the right meaning.

  • barning

    where are the hairy chested gingers? Ginger MEN are very sexy but these all appear to be boys to me.

  • CAmusclebear

    Show me full grown burly redheaded men with red beards. Obviously he likes young slender smooth pretty boys – which comports with the warped feminized image the media has tried to feed us about gay men. Way overdue time to trash this stereotype.

  • SteveDenver

    Gingers are too busy shagging to save the world.

    CAmusclebear, I totally agree! I adore Seth Fornea, but mourn every time a photographer makes him shave off his body hair. And did you happen to catch James Jamesson when he sported a full mountain man beard? HOT HOT HOT! (Scroll down to April 20… http://reddishbeard.tumblr.com/ )

  • Respect4all

    @Toby Ross: Nonsense. Hair color doesn’t make someone a better lover. It just seems that way to you because you’re turned on by them.

  • JennyFromdabloc

    Redhead men are the most beautiful. These men are perfect. And ginger is a cute slang term so get over it.

  • JennyFromdabloc

    @LeNair Xavier: Queerty features far more men of color than gingers so simma down now.

  • siflwr

    Quite frankly I couldn’t care what color Channing’ hair is/was or if he shaved everything or kept it all natural…. and, Yes I am a bear hunter, but in his case..would it really matter??? REALLY…. uhmmmmmm NO!!!

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