As the Romans do

PHOTOS: The entire muscly cast of ‘Bromans’ lost their clothes in first five minutes of premiere

On Thursday night, ITV2’s new reality series Bromans finally premiered in a blaze of glory, no doubt high off the rush of rapturous reviews and general public good will.

Following the trials and travails of a handful of beefy young men who are forced to live like gladiators, producers wasted absolutely no time in asking each cast member to remove all of their clothing.

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As Attitude gamely reports, the men start off shy, modestly cupping themselves, but ultimately get with the program and give viewers eyefuls upon eyefuls upon eyefuls.

Editors at Attitude were also kind enough to take several screenshots, so that we can all cach a glimpse of this muscly flesh for fantasy. We could be barking up the wrong tree, but we thought you might want to take a look.

Go ahead and have an ogle: 

For the full monty images, check out the article at Attitude.