PHOTOS: GayCities Members Share Their Fave Summer-Vacation Photos

Anthony Michael and friends can’t contain themselves after some Fire Island cocktails.

Although summer has escaped us once again, GayCities is not done celebrating: Now is the perfect time to dust the sand off your camera and upload your favorite summer photos for this year’s My Summer Vacation Photo Challenge. Every photo submitted (up to 10) gives you a chance to win another vacation, this time on us and our friends at JetBlue and Kimpton Hotels.

Need some funspiration? Submissions have been pouring in faster than you can throw that skank tank in the back of your closet—take a look at some!


Brandi and Ashley get a taste of matrimonial bliss this summer at their friend’s wedding in Cincinnati.



BroadwayJoe476 gets stuck in a fishy situation while splashing around in Barbados.

BullsEye catches a glimpse of another fine specimen under the Bondi Beach sun.


Chen36387 supervises the first swimming lesson aboard a cruise headed toward Juneau, Alaska.



Life is bright for 2Tails at this summer pool party.


Cristos stands proudly in front of the Atlantis resort in Dubai.



GayCities member Luciano32 takes a moment to take in the breathtaking view midway to Mt. Baldy’s summit.



Scott3320 stumbles upon a guy garden in L.A.



StevoParis gets down and dirty at the mud baths in Turkey.

Got some summer pics of your own to share? Submit them now for a chance to win a free vacation!