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  • Mika


  • AlanInSLC


    hahaha…that pic is awesome. SO FUNNY!!!

  • alan brickman

    who’s the boytoy in the brown t shirt?….

  • Maverick69

    I wanna know who’s the overweight lover with the camera?

  • Dom

    I still think Ed Westwick is one of the fugliest, unsexy men I’ve ever seen, and his onscreen persona is the equivilent of ipecac. Man, if this disgusting mother-fucker is a superstar, then i guess I’m going to end up being on every magazine cover in the world. And if Chace Crawford IS gay, he can do a lt better than that sleazy fuck Westwick.

  • WTF?

    The first guy reminds me of Peter Lorre – and he’s about that attractive too. The second guy looks like his thong slipped down, bisected his junk, and twisted it all in a knot. Jeepers creepers! What’s with them peepers?

  • myrios123

    @Maverick69: I was thinking the same thing… can we blame him?

    I still think Chacey is mancake; doe eyes, twisted junk bulge, and all. Ed on the other hand… no comment.

  • D-Sun

    I think Ed is one of the hottest guys in Hollywood…

    Chace on the other hand, he’s good looking; but he’s just too perfect, for lack of a better word. Guys like that bore me.

  • jason

    The Teen Choice Awards? Talk about moronic awards. It’s an awards show for tacky morons.

  • Ricky

    The kid behind Westwick in #1 looks awfully like the kid who’s flower was rejected by one, Mizz Megan Fox.


  • jayare

    It doesn’t help that he’s being followed by a guy wearing a baby Abercrombie tee and Puma shoes–which are pretty much the new shoe of young gays baha

  • Lex

    @alan brickman: Right?!

    Screw the pretty little girls who barely look like boys. I wanna know who the real hottie off to the side is.

    I dunno what everyone’s fascination with girly men is but I hope they keep it up. More men for me.

  • rudy

    From hairdressers to professional gossips.
    As stereotypes go, this is really downhill – hair is an honorable profession.

  • M

    Well, according to JustJared, Ed got into a fight with one of Chace’s “The Covenant” co-stars (friends??) Toby Hemingway at J.C. Chasez’s birthday party in Hollwood a few days ago.

    Maybe all that had something to do with this?

    I’m still unclear on what their current relationship is–it isn’t purely frienship, I can tell you that.

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