PHOTOS: Griffin Sundays Returns To Its Roost In New York’s Meatpacking District

Griffin Sundays, Brian Rafferty and Shawn Paul Mazur’s end-of-week gay fave in New York took a little summer hiatus but returned to the Meatpacking District the Sunday after Labor Day.

In the city that never sleeps, it’s a good thing some people don’t have to wake up early Monday morning. Here’s a taste of the revelry.

For more fun in The Big Apple, head over to the GayCities New York Event Guide

Photos via Maro Hagopian

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  • ggreen

    I miss the days when gay people had the cool hair. This lot looks like they were kidnapped and assaulted buy Supercuts.



  • Joe

    @ggreen: I miss the days when gay people knew how to use words properly! Did you mean “by” instead of “buy”?

    Stop being such a cunty fag!!

  • Tony

    This the 80s die and come back as a bad zombie clone. Yes, I did mean to be a bitchy cunt fag!

  • CBRad

    Oh, boy, Manhattan has the worst looking guys these days.

  • Guillermo3

    @Tony: @Tony: @Tony:”bitchy cunt fag” ,a bit redundant,no?

  • TJ

    When I first came out, a boyfriend that had just moved from NY told me “New York fags are the worst people”. I’ve been to NY several times and of course see NY gays one televison all the time. I’ll finally admit, I always thought he was right.

  • Mike in Asheville

    I don’t know if this club is really all that special. Stephan (alla SNL) has never mentioned it as one of the “to go to” clubs in Manhattan. (I wonder if we, the 45-55 set, looked like this when we were shaking up the clubs 25 years ago?)

  • Lostsleep

    Your only seeing the gay guys that go out and party in “the scene!” I know a lot of wonderful, down to earth, friendly gays in the city. I rarely go to the bars. My group of friends ranges from Comic Book loving awkward geeks, to married muscle guys who used to LOVE the scene. I actually know very few of the people like you see in these pictures.

  • mike128

    This looks like one of the more fun queer parties in NYC. At least there is some play with gender, and it’s not all the hypermasculine set.

  • Dave

    Dear Fellow Gays,


    Seriously. Nobody’s lips should look like that unless they’re about to blow someone. Oh wait… never mind.

    Still, you look like an anorexic fourteen year old girl taking a shitty MySpace photo in a mirror–back when MySpace was cool.

    No love,


  • CBRad

    @Lostsleep: That’s very true. This is just one clique of gays seen in these photos.

  • Zack

    @CBRad: I was going to say the same thing.

  • Dave

    GGreen +1,000 FTW!

    LMAO these queens look like they never got past the late 80s even though they were probably born then.

  • alreadyasleep

    This photo collection is also hosted on, but the funny thing is that gaycities is just as bad as queerty at hosting media. No offense DTracer. Have fun in LA next Friday!

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