PHOTOS: Guys Go Gaga At Boy Bar


The new Lady Gaga single wasn’t just about the music, it was a chance to party big time at Gaga themed events. For instance, the weekly San Francisco staple Boy Bar at the Cafe went Gaga-crazy with a candles, go-gos, and lots of guys to going gaga over each other.

Check out pics from this weekly Castro rager and tell us what what applause you think these boys deserved.

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  • jimbryant

    Aren’t these sad queens simply mimicking all the stereotypes known to mankind? Gross.

  • BBellairs

    Sorry, but these queens don’t look too sad to me. And the guy in orange can stereotype his way into my bed any time!

  • NoelG

    What’s really sad @jimbryant is your hateful trolling.

  • Kangol


    You really don’t seem to like seeing pictures on here of happy gay people. Many others of us do. Great pics, and these cute young things look like they’re having a great time. Mr. Purple briefs I’d definitely have a tip or 20 for.

  • jimbryant

    I like natural men who aren’t paid. These guys look like paid hacks who are probably straight. Keep in mind that gay bar owners often hire straight guys who have no sympathy at all for gay rights as “eye candy”.

    Such eye candy is so fake and artificial.

  • BBellairs

    @jimbryant you are, of course, entitled to your opinion but do you honestly believe these dancers are straight? C’mon, there are plenty of hot, young gay men out there who are willing to dance in gay bars. It’s 2013, I don’t think any gay bar owner wants or needs to hire straight men to entertain us! And I don’t think the men you call “fake and artificial” would appreciate that after all the hard work they put in to look as good as they do.

  • Goforit

    @jimbryant: Try to get your little pea brain to make up its mind. Are the young men in the photos “sad queen stereotypes” as in your first comment? Or are they “straight, paid hacks” as in your second comment? And if they are hired as eye candy, who cares if they are straight of gay? I thought the goal was to fight discrimination in all forms.

  • Spike

    Seeing those dollar bills stuffed up against their sweaty junk reminds to that it’s a good idea to wash your hands often, esp when handling money. And yea, I know that same applies to female strip joints. Ick.

  • litper

    jimbryant is a really sad homophobic queen

  • BrandoPolo

    @jimbryant: Translation: I’m lonely and bitter and nobody wants me.

    Have a cookie and go to bed.

  • BrandoPolo

    Also, SanFran really needs to step up its go-go game. Maybe L.A. can send some guys up on a weekend rotation to help out? Haha

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