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PHOTOS: Reaches 50K Submissions (A SFW Sampling)

MORNING GOODS – What would our egos have done if the iPhone camera had never been invented? How else would we document our bulging biceps, hairy, hairy happy trails and the soap stains on our bathroom mirrors? Thank god for GuyswithiPhones. The online pool for narcissists with way too much time on their hands is reaching a new, higher peak. And this is a big one. It’s now verging on almost 50,000 submissions, which means “I fantasized about you on GuyswithiPhones” will pretty soon be a sure bet pick-up line at your local bar. Check out our special Morning Goods to see if a former Grindr date, your favorite porn star or even you! Yes, you! Made it on our SFW gallery. Don’t worry, you’re in good company…(?)

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