PHOTOS: Homoerotic Athletes Give Us A Reason To Watch Sports

For those of you who don’t know — and we’re sure there’s quite a few of you — it’s football season.

Teams across the country have been battling it out for weeks to see which two will go to the Super Bowl.

We’re not sure why other people watch sports, but we can tell you why we do: For those special moments when players are caught in homoerotic positions. They happen often. And they always get us excited.

Check out these shots of football players and other athletes looking — well — kinda gay.

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  • MikeE


    that 2nd last one, with Ronaldo, is a VERY unfortunate camera angle!

  • Deepdow

    He’s finally found his calling (Graham)

    Stupid pics to wrap around wit. Thankfully it works so far, but don’t KILL it.

  • Homophile

    That wrestling move has now been banned (jamming your fingers onto a guys anus).

    Hot though.

  • Degas

    Ah, yeah, we’re gay, so we don’t know its football season. We don’t enjoy, watch, or participate in sports because we are too busy doing whatever it is gay people do. I suppose the closest thing we get to sports is obsessing over Tom Daley, and do we care Daley is an athlete anyway? I mean, all we are really concerned about is his love life and if his rumored boyfriend is suitable. Oh, throw in lots of comments about the two of them. Does that count as sport? If so, then Queerty has a lot of sports fans. So, now I’ll tune in for a game, hoping for the possibility of an occasional homoerotic position, and not because I actually like sports, and gasp, am a gay man.

  • manonyme

    @Homophile: yeah, it’s calle ‘checking the oil’…
    but it seems like that would happen to me just the once before i start to devise a way to prevent entry-lol

  • manonyme

    @MikeE: unfortunate for whom, exactly? lol

  • balehead

    Nice gay separtism, Queerty…

  • Lynn J. Wilks

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  • Bumper

    Soccer and wrestling. I am weak. Yummy oh yummy.

  • Kangol

    Hot. That one of Rio Ferdinand looks like he’s getting fisted.

  • manonyme

    @Bumper: those are hot, but i’m bummed cuz baseball season is over…all those cups-i could do 2 guys 1 cup :)

  • D P

    Well, I enjoyed this article. It got a laugh out of me. But that third one down in baseball seems like it would be painful to the neck. Sympathy pains!

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