PHOTOS: James Franco Goes Blonde, Joins A Boy Band & Pops Molly With Zachary Quinto To Promote New Gay Film

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 11.09.51 AMBecause it’s only ok for James Franco to give a wink to his non-gay gayness, not anybody else, the actor is back again with some more uploads.

It should be noted that this recent batch of social media finagling is to promote his upcoming film Michael which costars Zachary Quinto and Emma Roberts and has Gus Van Sant attached as executive producer.

We’re actually quite looking forward to the film, which tells the story of real life gay journalist turned ex-gay pastor Michael Glatze, and is based off of this 2011 New York Times profile on Glatze. Michael (Franco) worked at the now-defunct XY Magazine and co-founded another gay magazine called Young Gay America only to then quit, break up with is boyfriend (Quinto) and marry a woman (Roberts).

But let’s get back to James Franco and his Instagram feed, shall we? He’s gone blonde for the film, and hasn’t been shy about the transformation:

And he is the first to make fun of the 90’s ‘do, photoshopping his head into boy bands:

Then there’s this upload with romantic co-star Zachary Quinto of the two at what appears to be a rave hanging with their girl “Molly,” though the photo is too dark to confirm with the size of their pupils: