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PHOTOS: Lady Gaga Wasn’t the Only Person Making the Pope Squirm During Europride Rome

Gladiators may be a thing of the past, but scorching hot bodies are still in. Just take a look at some photos from this year’s Europride which took place in Rome. Not even Michelangelo could have sculpted hotties this chiseled. Plus, drag queens and other costume-clad gals that put Lady Gaga to shame.

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  • Mike

    I’ll take the #8 special please with a side of fries.

  • christopher di spirito

    With any luck, the images will cause Pope RatNAZI to suffer total cardiac arrest.

  • gryphen

    ugh, I know enough people have said this, but really, you guys need to a better system of displaying pics. There are several FREE pieces of code out there that will display photos without having to refresh the page view each time. We’re talking a days worth of coding if that for your developer.

  • fredo777

    Dude in #8 has a serious pair of D.S.L.’s.

    The cutie on the far right in pic #1 is nice, too. Shabam.

  • alan Balehead

    Bring back morning goods for the haters! LOL!

  • jason

    They look like the cast of a porn movie, they reek of narcissism, and they have very little to do with GLBT rights. It’s a sad indictment of our community that we’ve re-defined gay rights to mean “wears leather on a float while swaying to a Kylie song”.

  • Thom Freeheart

    @jason: If gays expect to be treated with dignity, they should present themselves in a dignified manner. What is in those pictures is every sad stereotype of the gay community. It would be the equivalent of blacks marching during the civil rights movement eating watermelon and fried chicken.

  • sam

    @jason: jesus christ you guys are drama queens. IT’S A CELEBRATION! Why the hell shouldn’t they dress up and party?
    Clearly y’all have never been to a pride parade, because if you had, you would know that among the fabulousness, are plenty of “normal” people, marching in pants and polo tops for the serious issues. That it’s funner to talk about those fabulously dressed means nothing about the message.
    Seriously, you’re just being debbie downers.
    Thesea re stereotypes, yes, but guess what… STEREOTYPES EXIST. There are party gays, there are leather daddies. There are hunks who like to show it off. and theres absolutely nothing wrong with that.

  • iDavid

    Woah! The Popester may have had his thong in a twist, but I’ll betchya the priests were all smiles. Rome here a I come.

  • jason

    It may be a celebration but it’s NOT a celebration of gay rights. It’s a celebration of narcissism. I have no time for narcissists who claim to be for gay rights when it’s actually all about them.

    By all means, if you want to dress in fetish gear and call it gay rights, go right ahead. Just don’t expect to get off scott free as far as criticism is concerned. You’re frauds, basically.

  • fredo777

    @sam: Amen.

    @jason: Call me crazy, but I thought one of the biggest elements of a pride parade was…well…pride. If being proud of one’s sexual orientation (+, possibly, the way one looks, good or bad) isn’t in place at a pride parade, God only knows where it is appropriate. Not everyone has to be wearing chinos + sensible shoes to be “really” supportive of gay rights.

  • umfoofoo



  • steveallan

    I wish QUEERTY would come up with a less cumbersome way of viewing multiple photos like this.

  • Scott Gatz

    @steveallan: @gryphen: Guys, We hear you. Keep track of this over on the site feedback & support site: We have a specific idea of what we want and haven’t been able to find it. Flash doesn’t work on mobile and a lot of the other ones just don’t work the way we’d like. Will let you know when we fix it.

  • Mimi

    This is where LGBTs just lose me (and all other centrists I suspect).

    I dont want to see anybody galavanting that provocatively dressed, gay or straight. And in the middle of the day too?! What am I expected to do with my kids, have them wear blind folds to cross mainstreet? What? You cannot be ‘proud’ while respecting your neighbours???? What about the silly leather leotards screams ‘I love who I am’ and how would a regular pair of jeans dent that message?

    Someone is attempting to have one in my town and frankly having seen this display I’ll eat my own socks before I let this garbage in my town!

  • Mal Tempo

    These photos will merely convince the Pope is he right. He isn’t, but dumb people acting outrageously is not going to win political points. In your face is not a political strategy that works.

  • iDavid

    I used to think the same way, BAD ADVERTISING for the gay community. But i finally got it was not going to change. Gay people have an aspect that is very colorful and diverse and it simply gets expressed at a sexually based parade. Same would happen if it was a hetero parade celebration, tho they could never out do us!!! And we have the drag community. So i guess its just important to realize, this parade is about sex, so sex is what you get. Hets have sex the last time I checked, tho many of the hubbies are gay, maybe str8s should give us a run for our money and start a str8 pride parade, and let’s see how many hoop skirts THAT kicks up. Or did the Adam and Eve myth nail you so badly, the thought of it gives you the hives?

  • Miss Understood

    If you are concerned that a crazy outfit will damage your kids then leave your kids home. People do not have to tailor their behavior to what you find appropriate for your children.

    I find it really sad that kids can watch shootouts and stabbings on TV but parents think a drag queen or a bare breast will somehow damage their children.

    I know several people who have raised kids around flamboyant colorful people and those kids have grown up with a very open, fun-loving, sophisticated view of the world.

  • Damon

    They get another pageview and advertising money each time a page loads… the way the pictures load is on purpose.

  • lexis11

    have u seen the 7# she is not wearing any top

  • lexis11

    have u seen the 7# she is not wearing any top
    i think she is compeletly shameless
    and the #1 pic the girl there her top is wierd if it is a top exactly

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