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PHOTOS: London’s Horse Meat Disco Rides Again!

We were there when London’s bear den, The Eagle, recently hosted acclaimed DJ collective Horse Meat Disco. Resident DJs Jim Stanton and Luke Howard spun for the boys in Vauxhall till 3am at what became an unofficial World Pride after party.

Horse Meat, started by Stanton and James Hillard, began in London’s Chinatown but has taken on international significance in more recent years. Partygoers are fed a smorgasbord of disco, ’80’s boogie, electro and fresh tracks every week and, in adidition to the UK capital, Horse Meat has set up camp in Lux in Lisbon, Tape in Berlin, Cielo in New York and frontiers beyond.

If you’re in London on a Sunday, this is the party to be at. And tell handsome general manager Simon Kilner we sent you.

Photos: Jeffrey James Keyes