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  • Lefty

    For those with a life, the best ones are #1, 4, 8(!!!), 11, 13, 14 (OMG ankle bracelet!!), 23, 25, 27, 29, 32, 35, 36.
    I wish the use of photoshop was made a capital offense.

  • declanto

    Such a NICE start for the last week of summertime! #36, bush and a six-pack, to go, please.

  • Drew

    I know what he can shove down my throat! Very handsome, amazing body! Great ass #25. My favorite: #30 (see through CKs). Love that he’s freeballing in 36. Very very sexy!!

  • Derek

    @Drew: Thank you.

  • dvlaries

    Quality stuff! Keep going like this the rest of the week.

  • Robert

    Very tired of the twinks…how about some real men for a change…

  • craig

    had to click to #6 to get what I want

  • Phil Boyd

    @Lefty: hey lefty…thanks so much..i don’t have a life but i like to pretend i do..

    but more than that, i have noticed here on queerty that we pretty much have the same taste in photos. so i always look for your selection.

    you are my penis mentor.

  • Tori

    Can we get a little more diverse, and I don’t mean blonds red heads and brunettes.


    Very nice physique. You can see veins in his lower abs…a sign of very low bodyfat levels. Awesome!

  • MarvelUs

    Nice underwear shot! I love to see that a Mohel has done his art well. What a beauty.

  • Charles175

    #34 Oh yea!

  • yaletownman

    His outie navel and pleasure trail clinched it for me!

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