PHOTOS: Matt Bomer’s Deleted “Magic Mike” Strip Scene

MORNING GOODS: Perhaps there was too much magic in the final cut of Magic Mike, which would explain why this Living Doll strip scene with Matt Bomer was left on the cutting room floor. Either that, or there’s a veritable treasure trove of extra strip scenes filmed exclusively for the DVD to further entice you to pick it up when it comes out next week. If so, mission accomplished.

Photos: Buzzfeed via Superherofan

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  • hudson

    is there any end to this man’s hottness. And that bum!!

  • mwalsh

    Matt Bomer is just too appealing a person and actor to exactly be eye candy; I feel likeke I know him as a friend already from his role in White Collar. He is pretty and has an exceptional body ad irresistable butt, if I can separate from his charming personality.AAaaa

  • tardis

    I wonder what he does to stay so fit?

  • KirkR

    Wow, he is amazing on every level it seems. Actor, role model, philanthropist, physical god. Seriously wonder why his scenes and both Joe and Adam similar scenes were cut from film. Channing took one look and thought, no way they will upstage my robotic moves and generic looks.

  • Eric Auerbach

    On-screen he always comes off as weirdly asexual. Magic Mike was no exception.

  • ShowMeGuy

    I have held firm to my belief that BluRay is stupid and pointless. I do not own any BluRay discs or even a player which handles BluRay discs.
    The DVD/BluRay combo pack is going to *force* me to change my ways. I want EVERY second of film footage.

  • viveutvivas

    I think it is the aging newsanchor hairsprayed hairstyle that makes him look asexual.

  • Lefil

    @Eric Auerbach:
    I thought he was ridiculously smoking hot when I saw ‘the Texas Chainsaw Massacre the Beginning’. He was the only thing worth looking at in that movie.

  • Mjl-428

    that ass ain’t flat. which is a good thing. Nice job Matt. Nice Job

  • Niall

    …And he’s got a great ass too. Seriously, he better have like a 3inch dick or something. This man needs a flaw, lawd.

  • pcfreeloader1

    Too smokin’ hot for words!!!


    I have not looked at the entire movie yet,have NO clue hat the hell it’s about but I do know that Matt has one amazing he works out doing Pilates….and all of them but they needed more Matt in the film, he was like “scenery”..there’s nothing FLAT about MATT!!,,,starting with the color of his eyes and those dimples on his face :-) and the ass cheek ones too!


  • pscheck2

    I have all the respect in the world for Matt. He was upfront about his sexual orientation and did not hide it with all kinds of ploys (that some of his co-stars use). ‘Beards’ PR and PDA tours, among others, were missing from his bios. I wish other ‘closeted’ actorws follow his lead and let the public in on their ‘secret’ and they might be surprised that their fan base will still be there, if they like them like they like Matt. (Just say’en)

  • balehead

    nice to see the jealous rests for no man…..

  • darkhorse

    @ eric auerbach
    ummm… are we a little jealous? i dont think matt would have as many female fans as he does if he didn’t generate some sexuality. i’m more worried about your asexuality to be honest.

  • Eric Auerbach

    @darkhorse: Yeah. 1 comment? I’m guessing you’ve posted before on this thread using a different account. These posts always bring out the Bomer stans (who are clearly out in full force today).

  • redcarpet

    @Niall: Seriously, he does. I feel like a failure as a human being just looking at him.

  • MMDD

    As I suspected, he has a killer ass. Regardless of how many inches he’s packin’ in the other side, his partner is one of the luckiest men in the whole wide world.

  • MMDD

    @MMDD: ON the other side. Dammit, saw the typo right after I hit the submit button.

  • KirkR

    @Eric Auerbach: Gee Eric, since registration is relatively new for Queerty, some may be just getting around to setting up a profile. Matt has millions of male and female fans that find him sexy, aside from his talent, looks and elegant demeanor. When the first Magic Mike trailer was released mayhem ensued on the web due to his absence. They came back with him as a marketing focal point to put asses in theater seats. Asexual? Maybe someone should take your pulse.

  • Eric Auerbach

    @KirkR: Like I said: Stans.

  • Rockery

    In Magic Mike…other than Channing Tatum, they were all pathetic, Matt was 2nd best, but a distant second, they should have elimated all the solos, taken out some of that “plot” and replaced them with more of Channing’s solos. I was mezmorized and drooling when Channing danced, if acting does not work out he should go back to it, hell, do it on the side NOW

  • Rockery

    PS are these real stills? or photoshopped, his ass did not appear like this from what I remember, he and more so Adam R seemed to have loose butt cheeks lol

  • Rockery

    @Eric Auerbach:

    Not really, he was fully committed in this trainwreck movie

  • pscheck2

    @Rockery: I”m presuming you are female? Well , you are obviousl.y in the minority as far as Tatum is concerned! I agree, Channing has a certain sex appeal, but compared to Matt, no contest! Channing is having a alot of fun with his fan base, with tongue-in-cheek interviews and ‘keep them guessing’ re: ‘Am I or am I not!’

  • Niall

    @pscheck2: Am I or am I not what? If you mean his sexuality, I’m pretty sure he’s straight and married.

  • oldhouseguy

    He is so the type of guy you cook breakfast for!

  • GayBacon

    Wow Bomer has a great ass! Didn’t expect that one…

  • pscheck2

    @Niall: Sorrry to bust your balloon but being married or having a SO is certainly no criteria in determining whether or not an actor is str8! It might come as a surprise to you, but over 50% of the patrons in a gay bar were or are married to a woman!(only the young twinks might be 100% gay (no female experience). But they didn’t get married because they enjoy sex with a female –they were married because of social pressure; desire to have children or satisfying family pressure.

  • Niall

    @pscheck2: True, but since when does Tatum do the “am I, am I not” thing with his fans, never seen that, at least not since he got married.

  • pscheck2

    @Niall: He was quoted as saying (and I paraphase) if a female is not available (assuming he is horny?) a guy will do! Again, marriage has nothing to do with it( str8 or gay)it’s just an illusion used by closeted gays to keep the fan base happy with their fantasies about their str8ness.

  • Niall

    @pscheck2: Oh wow, do you have a link to that? I’ve never actually heard that. Very interesting lol

  • pscheck2

    @Niall:Niall: wish I did. I think it was a comment made on some gossip column I read. If my faulty memory serves me right, I think it was posted about the time Magic Mike was released. (By the way are you male or female?)

  • Niall

    @pscheck2: Male. I’m actually gay myself, so I’m not one of those female fans who don’t want their fave hunk to be gay lol. I just genuinely didn’t know he had any history of flirting with the other side

  • pscheck2

    @pscheck2: Niall: Thanks for the clarification! I did think you might be female because you seemed to ‘defend’ Channing’s sexuality. It has been my experience with ‘Message’ boards that when a celeb. is rumored to be gay, the female response is sometimews vehement! and really get on your ‘case’ in trying to rebut your speculation! It really becomes almost a rage if the celeb. is a iconic sports figure! By the way, your name is unusual, is it foreign? Have a nice one.


  • Niall

    @pscheck2: Yes, I’ve experienced the scenario you mentioned, especially with Matt Bomer before he came out

    It’s Irish :P You too :)

  • pscheck2

    @Niall: Niall: wonder if you would be interested in continuing these postings, via: e-mail? the constraints of this web-site does not allow an in-depth discussion of this subject matter. If interested, my e-mail is: [email protected]. Over and out.

  • Texas Guy

    Matt’s the main reason I love “White Collar.” He’s damn fine! WOOF!

  • Gary_Gans

    I think he is okay looking. Not my type, even though gay media attempts to dictate to us what gay men should use as their criteria for attractiveness in other men. if you adopt this limited concept you are going to be a very lonely man whose self-esteem is low. It is a serious problem.

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