PHOTOS: Men With No Clothes Read Books In Nerdy New 2016 Calendar


The San Diego LGBT Multicultural LGBT Literary Foundation hopes to raise awareness to reading and literature with their new #ReadNaked 2016 calendar.

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The calendar features gay and bisexual male models, completely naked, and reading some of their favorites books by queer writers, including Richard Blanco, James Baldwin, Rigoberto González, and Lysley Tenorio.

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Proceeds from the calendar sales will go directly to the Multicultural LGBT Literary Foundation, which aims to keep California high school libraries fully stocked with literature by queer authors.

Consider our “awareness” raised!

Scroll down for a sneak peek of the calendar…

1 on a chest-1


2 in a tub-1


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  • moldisdelicious

    You know. You don’t have to resort to ignorance and stereotypes to get a message across. Being gay is not synonymous with sex addict. Crazy how a lgbt upliftment group would resort to this.

  • Bauhaus

    Voracious reader, always have been. Attractive, sensuous men.

  • Computerboy

    Objectifying in a very absurd kind of way, and so we can agree the gay community has issues.

  • Masc Pride

    Some of you guys are taking this so seriously. They’re just having some fun with the campaign. Jeez. They could’ve gone with hotter models though. The guy on the trunk (AList NY?) and the guy in the tub are both pretty hot, but the rest are kinda fugly.

  • moldisdelicious

    @Masc Pride:

    Well, I would expect someone who is ignorant as your name implies about you to not see the implications and blanket insult through what they are saying about what they think of you. I’m all for fun but this is just disrespect blanketed as fun.

  • martinbakman

    Good cause. Glad to hear at least some high schools accept their LGBT library donation.

  • Rob Ridings

    am I the only one to see the irony of a group that’s “multicultural” in the name, but they seem to show no diversity in types of bodies? They’re all “Ken dolls” with sixpack abs. :-/

  • pengwinofdoom


    And I would assume from your user name that you might be suffering neural damage from ingesting too many mycotoxins. And appreciating naked dudes doesn’t mean that one is “sex addicted.” Who doesn’t like a good naked calendar? If anything, I’m disappointed that there doesn’t appear to be any full frontal. That’s the kind of calendar I’m looking for this year.

  • Michael Claypoole

    They must be reading those ‘steamy’ books

  • moldisdelicious


    I have an appreciation for naked men, the male anatomy and etc like the next gay man. However I realize that there is a time and place for everything. Just like how I think the that uk rowers calender is fucked up off the strength that they think that gay men aren’t interested in standing up for causes concerning them unless sex is involved. This is exactly the same thing. Who says that gay men wouldn’t give this organization money if they didn’t outwardly ask to give a donation to ensure that books written by gay writers are kept in California high school libraries without resorting to this.

  • Kangol

    All the guys selected by Queerty are pretty hot, so bravo.

    Maybe for the calendar’s next iteration of the calendar the guys could have that #ReadNaked sign BEHIND them and open print books or ebooks placed strategically in front of them (or their genitalia, which seems to be the point).

    Anyways, whatever it takes to get people reading. Read, read, read!

  • Masc Pride

    @moldisdelicious: You’ve clearly ingested too much mold. It’s also not at all surprising that someone with your angry black queen issues is taking a fun campaign like this and turning it into yet ANOTHER thing to COMPLAIN about. Do you ever just stop and enjoy stuff for what it’s worth?

  • Captain Obvious

    Sex really does seem to be all people think about nowadays. You shouldn’t have to use sex to sell reading which is all moldisdelicious is trying to say.

    A mind can be sexy too and they could’ve gotten that across with one of these guys in a sweater, khakis, and glasses. Hot nerds are in now right? Whatever.

    After seeing all these grown men taking pics of their shlongs and butts for instagram like some 14 year old girls who’s mothers haven’t caught them yet is really getting to me. We don’t need sex everywhere. Especially advertised to kids…

  • Josh447

    Masc Pride

    Agreed. “Moldisdelicious” the name turns my stomach. Along with all the ridiculous projections, just as disgusting. Sex has been used for advertising forever. I think Anita Bryant is one close cousin to The Mold Lover. Name is too fitting.

    As they say, you are what you eat.

  • sportsguy1983

    So stupid

  • moldisdelicious

    @Masc Pride:

    Queen? Wtf? Can’t you just call me mold. You would think folks would simply be themselves instead of just doing what is seen as the “gay thing” to do. Isn’t that why folks came out the closet in the first place? They were tired of pretending to be something that they aren’t to the point where they were some textbook straight person. Come to find out, they left that to become textbook gay people.

    Sorry but I can be gay and proud without following trends to fit in. Even though I love naked dudes and etc, it’s not all on my mind all the time. It’s really annoying seeing all these media trying to dictate what bring gay is and making us into a monolithic. If I wanna wear a dress, I’m doing that shit because i want to do it. Not because it’s the gay thing to do. Same thing with wearing briefs. If you don’t approve of the typical norms the gay community does then folks are ready to say you’re ashamed when the truth of the matter is it should be about being true to yourself as well as being educated about the world around you.

    I’m attracted to guys but do I really need to toss money to buy a calender that isn’t even sfw or safe for home just to support a good cause. Most people in here didn’t even read the article and assumed that it was about encouraging gay men to read. Lol.

  • moldisdelicious

    @Masc Pride:

    I do but unlike you. I notice bullshit and will say something when I see it. Lol.

  • moldisdelicious


    Sounds like you’re mad that I’m challenging your way of thinking. You sound like type of guy that doesn’t make friends with other guys if you can’t have sex with them or are attracted to them, my shallow breh breh.

  • Xzamilio

    Oh, my god… dudes that have ass and thighs on Queerty. Finally!! The tat on the last one is hideous… and I love tats on a guy.

  • Jose R Negron

    Maybe it is because the people who buy these products are not interested in seeing average Joes. Just saying.

  • mikey54

    @Computerboy: The only issues the gay community has is the stupidity from the communist republican presidential hopefuls have with their anti-gay agenda and hate spreading and bigotry! Archie Bunker is a saint compared to them! Its okay for a straight bigot to have naked women on their calendars but we gay men are not allowed what we like to look at! Great bigoted double standard there!

  • moldisdelicious


    think it’s safe to say that our culture is about being oversexed to the point where you’re lucky if you could be around other gay people without sex popping up into the equation. You’ll be lucky to even go to any gay website and find a guy with a shirt on with an adonis complex. Too much anything is not healthy. Sex included. After awhile, it just becomes an addiction. Honestly, I’m becoming more repulsed at how oversexed the gay male community is where dudes can’t even interact with each other in a civil manner without that or fighting each other. Shit is scary.

  • Captain Obvious

    @moldisdelicious: You’re talking to people who have the privilege of being a “minority” when it serves them and part of the “majority” when it serves them. You’re basically wasting your breath.

    They don’t have to worry about how they’re perceived or received by the general population like the rest of us do. That’s why no matter how much they try to claim minority status they never actually will be and don’t know what the rest of us are talking about most of the time. They call it whining. What minority do you know of who calls legitimate concerns “whining” but people who are playing pretend minority when it suits them?

    They have the privilege of running around oversexed in public and knowing no one will look down on them. They can even turn around and laugh at others who do the same exact thing and call it disgusting.

    Privilege is a helluva drug.

  • moldisdelicious

    @Captain Obvious:

    Agreed. However, I do think that a lot of these guys try to create a bubble to go along with their perception of reality which usually is far from reality. The funny thing is they never bring that shit outside to real world because they know that people will look at them funny or it won’t fly it all.

  • Masc Pride

    @Josh447: Some of these bitter biddies just like to complain. Can you imagine a bunch of straight guys getting bent out of shape if the same campaign used a bunch of half-dressed women? Would NEVER happen. I think the campaign is meant to be light and campy.

    @moldisdelicious: This ONE campaign isn’t a reflection of the entire gay population. You’re just trying to turn it into something negative so you can complain about something. Gays like you are simply addicted to outrage. Relax.

  • moldisdelicious

    @Masc Pride:

    yeah, you as a self hating gay person dissing effeminate gay guys claiming they’re making it tough for guys like you who are ashamed of being gay, saying how masculine you are, calling anybody negative. shut up, hypocrite.

  • moldisdelicious

    @Masc Pride:

    you’re the type of idiot that is so self centered that you basically are ready to label anything that you don’t agree with as a problem but then it doesn’t matter if you approve of it. you make no sense, hypocrite.

  • Leonard Woodrow

    @moldisdelicious: You know, having a weak [email protected]moldisdelicious: What are you on about? Having a strong libido is just as valid as having a weak one. We don’t get to choose, any more than we choose to be gay.

  • Leonard Woodrow

    What are you on about? Having a strong libido is just as valid as having a weak one. We don’t get to choose, any more than we choose not to be gay.

  • Roee Moshe

    The books make them nerdy?

  • Sheldon Siegel

    How do they mark their pages? ???

  • Jon Mindrum

    Go Nickoles! You’re famous boo! :)

  • Cagnazzo82

    @moldisdelicious: Oh will you be quiet and learn to enjoy the short life you have.

    If naked men offend you that’s fine.

    Stop pretending you speak for everyone else however. I can guarantee you very few people are interested in sharing in your miserable views on life.

  • Masc Pride

    @moldisdelicious: Oh please. You will take any opportunity to throw down your fem victim card. No one in here has said anything about masc vs fem. Totally shows your sole intention is to start arguments any way you can. At least wait for a masc vs fem story to start jumping all over people about that. As bitter as you are all the time, it appears you’re struggling with self-loathing the most. Work on your own self-hate and stop trying to diagnose everyone else. It’s really getting old.

  • moldisdelicious

    @Masc Pride:

    Lol. You like to make a lot of assumptions about someone you don’t know.

    You like some of these other dudes are obsessed with yourselves. I brought up your issues with effeminate men and how you were rambling acting like it was a serious issue among the gay community because YOU were bothered by it. You are just being self serving. Just because you don’t have an issue with thia doesn’t mean that everybody has to follow your lead. I’m entitled to an opinion. We are not a monolithic. Get over yourself.

  • Masc Pride

    @moldisdelicious: Speaking of making assumptions, I’m not “bothered” by effeminate men. I don’t care. No such conversation ever took place. I never said that everyone has to follow my lead. YOU are the one that has a problem with my opinion, not the other way around. Maybe you should stop expecting everyone to follow your lead. Look at all the members in here telling you to shut up. lol

  • Glücklich

    What? No one’s reading Fabozzi?

  • Computerboy

    @mikey54</[email protected]mikey54: There know such thing as a gay community really, just a bunch of hypocritical bigoted white gay men calling other people bigots.

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