PHOTOS: Model Samuel Vieira Makes Us Forget Summer Is Ending

MORNING GOODS: Latin model Samuel Vieira stars in this photo campaign for ES Collection, a European underwear, swimwear, and apparel brand with a spinoff Brasil line and a reputation for daring and modern cuts. Another ES trademark: Pieces that boost your bulge and reduce your waist, like the Wonderslip 2.0. Not that Viera needs any help in either department.

Photos courtesy of The Underwear Expert

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  • hf2hvit


  • Mjl-428

    not enough beef for my tastes

  • yaoming

    Nice job trying to keep that huge ink stain covered.

  • sfbeast

    what amazingly uninteresting photos. did he have a headache, or just a lousy photographer?

  • tdx3fan

    Billboards should be used for advertising not for walking around posing for photos.

  • Guillermo3

    Nasty crowd here_Almost feel I’ve run into a congregation
    of Pastafarians.Is your problem the model? Or his ink?

  • Alan down in Florida

    I’m not all that religious but pulling off a hot guy’s shirt and finding a tattoo of Jesus on his chest would be a complete turn off for me.

  • avesraggiana

    Great body. Too bad it’s been defaced by those tattoos. In traditional, indifgenous cultures, tattoos are a mark of tribal or clan affiliation. In our modern day society, they do nothing more than temporarily satisfy our vanity, or boredom.

  • Guillermo3

    @avesraggiana: All a matter of
    taste isn’t it,avesraggian?I used to hate tats,and at the age
    of 65,am unlikely to have one myself,but have found with time
    that SOME ink can be attractive.Depeds on the tatoo and on the body.

  • Mjl-428

    @Guillermo3: with THEM, it’s the ink. I’m 21 and have tattoos myself, although smaller in comparison. anyway I just wish he was a tad bit thicker

  • journey91

    He’s hot, but he doesn’t have any lips.

  • OscarBuzz

    Are they advertising underwear or promoting good posture, either way, the model does NOT look like he wants to be there. I prefer the candid style shots with sexy men clowning around with smiles on their dials – THAT makes me want to buy, just ask Andrew Christian how it works!

  • FunMe

    A beautiful face ruined by those stupid tats. How stupid!

  • Freddie27

    In this case, the huge tattoo of Jesus is a big turn-off.

  • heydavis

    What level of insecurity causes a relatively handsome man to despoil his beautiful body with bizarre permanent pollution that will only fade, get blurry and uglier with time?
    It’s so sad.

  • balehead

    Wow… the insecurity is really showing today you guys….

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