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PHOTOS! Models Sizzle Behind The Scenes Of The 2(X)IST 2015 Fashion Show

BTS_07The Underwear Expert attended the 2(X)IST Spring/Summer 2015 fashion show to see what Creative Director Jason Scarlatti newest designs were all about. Knowing us, we wanted a behind the scenes look at the show. Amidst all the mania and manicuring, there is still room to appreciate the muscle.

Every last detail is ready to roll. Even the shoes are set to hit the runway without a misstep. The guys get their hair perfect and coiffed. The underwear waits, ready to be thrown on, rocked like no other, and whipped off in a flash. Just like when the rest of us wear our 2(X)IST underwear, right? See the photos below to see all that we witnessed backstage of such an exciting fashion show!

BTS_02 BTS_04BTS_01

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Photo credit: 2(X)IST