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  • Alex

    Average… didn’t bother to click beyond 4.

  • neighborino

    Man, these Morning Goods things are starting to fill me with dread. It isn’t that I don’t like ogling the boys, I often do, but they just seem so… not artistic. Not that they should be. It just that the discussions down here either condemn a model for their plainness or unattractiveness or try to comment on the photographer and their ability… but there is no way to judge these pictures because it doesn’t seem like anyone knows what they are. Are they pornography? Are they art? Are they advertisements?
    Maybe we should sort this out… I think it matters. Because I think we’re all talking about underwear ads, and we’re talking about the ads like they are pornography or art. But this isn’t pornography or art. So if we don’t like a model, like Alex up there, it seems somehow more insidious, and more like the ads are working their creepy ad magic. The flaws we see in the model have nothing to do with the product, so the product gets all the glory. No one ever says, “eww. ugly underwear.” They all comment on the person in the underwear. But in the end, only people wearing Calvin Kleins are part of the discussion at all.

  • Jesse Helms

    The Morning Goods are merely presented so that people such as yourself can meta-comment on societal trends in male beauty. That’s it, pardner.

  • Jack

    @neighborino: Honey, you’re over-thinking things…

  • Brutus

    This kid needs to eat a sandwich.

  • Jesse Helms

    @Brutus: Make that TWO sandwiches. You get that skinny and the brain starts to atrophy!

  • Larry Craig

    It is not fair….after showing yesterday Freddie Ljungberg, now Queerty comes with this…

  • REBELComx

    Dear Morning Goods,
    Breakfast is not the time to munch down on a Twinkie, those are for dessert or an afternoon snack. For a good meal early in the morning, we need some meat and fruit. So please bring on the steak or sausage patties with a side of a hefty banana.
    Thank you.

  • could be jesse helms could be jason

    He’s cute. Nothing wrong with this boy…

  • alan brickman

    stop stuffing your fatface with Mcdonald’s and hit a gym already!!!

  • Aaron

    @alan brickman: Man, you sound like a broken record! You’ve written the exact same phrase for every morning goods article! You must be illiterate and 500 pounds!

  • schlukitz

    He’s cute…in a Jim Carrey sort of way.

  • Jesse Helms

    @Aaron: Thanks. That needed to be said. I honestly fear there may be some dementia going on with him (Brinkman, not the model)

  • Richie616

    He looks good to me.

  • Lexx

    GAWD. Most of this set looks like child porn.

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