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  • OMG

    God, he reminds me of so many young gay guys here in Holland: too pretty, overly waxed, teeth too fake white, and that TIRED tired deep V-neck shirt that just makes me want to howl (and not in a good way). Not hot… Where are the real men?

  • Rick

    He looks like Rachel Maddow.

  • scott

    Rick, he wears much more makeup than Rachel Maddow. Hot body though.

  • The Milkman


    Oh for God’s sake… yeah, girl, all those muscles and perfect teeth and beaming smile on a successful talented out young gay guy? I can certainly understand why someone would be turned off instantly.

    Queen please. Like most of us wouldn’t have our legs in the air faster than Nuryev should Nick offer us up a piece of that.

  • Sam

    Nick is usually really hot. Looks like these pics were taken on an off night.

    Was his show last night? ‘Cause I was a hot sweaty mess just walking home from the train… Can’t imagine what sweatiness would ensue after a full stage show.

  • AlwaysGay

    Nick is hot! What is it with gay men being jealous of other gay men? Everytime a gay website posts pictures of attractive (or successful) gay men there are many negative comments. Yet when these same websites post pictures of heterosexual males most of the comments are positive. I strongly believe it’s jealousy and self-hate. The negative commentors can’t stand that Nick is attractive and has sculpted an impressive body to match making him a highly desirable mate. They also can’t stand that Nick is not sitting in the audience cheering on heterosexuals like they are, these negative commentors believe that it’s gay people’s “place” to serve and reinforce haterosexuality. Nick is doing the right thing by LEADING his life and not being led. All gay people should do the same. Go Nick!

  • Matt

    I’m just trying to figure out why there are shoes with socks stuffed in them on that one pic.

  • hmmm

    I like the fact that there is always a difference of opinion over whether a guy is cute. Some people like their boys waxed, some like their guys rugged. Some like their men muscley, some like them twinky. Some prefer white guys, some prefer people of color. So whenever we are commenting on how hot a guy is, there will always be some people who say “ew, no thanks” and some who say “gimme some of of THAT!”

    And to all the people who say “queen, please, you wouldn’t kick him out of bed”: that may be true. But we are not comparing these guys to real life guys, we are comparing them to other celebs and models. Yes, I would happily screw almost any guy that queerty has featured, but that doesn’t mean I can’t prefer some guys over others.

    As for THIS post, I think Nick is a hottie. I’ve never heard him sing, but from his resume I am guessing he is also talented, which earns him bonus points.

  • hardmannyc

    @OMG: Dude, I’ve been to Holland, and I WISH the guys there were as hot as Nick. Keep dreaming.

  • Adam

    @Matt… that is exactly what I was thinking! Whose shoes are those?!

    I also don’t understand why he is dressed so casual. I mean, I guess his arms are what made him famous (because of the Mario Lopez spat) but he couldn’t have put on something a little more formal? (like something with full sleeves?)

    If he wants to be taken more seriously, and not just as an over exposed chorus boy, I feel like he should have dressed more like an adult for his cabaret debut.

  • KyleR

    This man is gorgeous. His boyfriend is incredibly lucky.

  • Michael W.

    @hmmm: “Some prefer white guys, some prefer people of color.”

    No, a very solid MOST prefer white guys.

  • dlpca

    @Michael W.: Correction! “Most” guys you know prefer white guys. T correctly use the universal “most” in representation of “all” who exist. You have to know “all” who exist in this world,which is not possible. So, your use of “most” is only representative of your awareness and direct knowledge. Hence, those you know.

    As for those people you don’t know, you haven’t a clue what they prefer and cannot speak intelligibly about their preferences. Gross generalizations always get you in trouble. If you don’t know what you are talking about then don’t speak.

    What an embarrassment.

  • Darreyl102

    @Adam: He’s dressed soo casual because Birdland Concerts are intimate, relaxed concerts. Many performers there dress casual, It’s quite common.

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