PHOTOS: No Matter What It’s Called, Trannyshack Is Still Amazing

IMG_2382Goodbye Trannyshack! And hello, whatever new thing Trannyshack will be called.

A few days ago, drag legend Heklina announced that she’d be changing the name of the nearly-20-year-old institution to something a little less off-putting. Some people are uncomfortable with the name, she explained, and it’s hard to promote an event when people can’t even bring themselves to say it. Anyway, it’s not the name that makes Trannyshack great: it’s the incredible talent, the hard work, the shocking twists, the arts and crafts, and the occasional deep dive into obscure queer history.

Even so, when Heklina brought her show to Dragonfly in L.A. this weekend, there was some concern that somehow it would have changed. But never fear! Trannyshack is still the same weird wild showcase of outrageous talent that it’s always been. And once the name finally goes away next year, to be replaced with some as-yet-undecided new name, we have no doubt it’ll be better than ever.

At this weekend’s Trannyshack L.A. show, Heklina told the audience that she always wanted her event to be as inclusive as possible, and the old name was getting in the way. Of course, to be fair, there are some people who will never feel welcome at this event no matter what the name. A religious fundamentalist will probably never be delighted to walk into a bar and discover a drag queen singing to sexy Jesuses. But there’s no pleasing everyone, and anyway maybe that sort of person deserves to feel a little uncomfortable once in a while.

And now, without further ado, the photographic evidence of Trannyshack’s enduring awesomeness. And if you haven’t had your fill, there’s lots more pics available over here.



Wendy Ho rages on.



Cupcake Canne is on point.



Love Connie rocks out. Not pictured: cock out.



The Boulet Brothers dress to impress.



Sue Casa does not care for your bullshit.



The enchanting Killer knocks it out of the park with a magical Judy routine.



Cazwell was definitely the hardest-working queen on stage that night, sprinting through half a dozen hits for the crowd despite having sustained a painful-looking sunburn earlier that day.



Did we mention that Cupcake Canne was on-point? That girl knows how to suffer for her art.



Cazwell and Manila Luzon are nonplussed.



The show kicked off with a phantasmic Devan M.



Paulie Addams left a trail of destruction in her wake.



It wouldn’t be a Toxic Waist number without a few entrails.



Ambrosia Salad discovers religion.



Hey sister.



It’s almost Sgt. Kabukiman NYPD, but with a bondage twist.



The Boulets bookend Cody Bayne, Ambrosia, and Heklina backstage.



Some backstage shenanigans. Is that a Mr. Tumnus hat?


Antony & Evan

Antony and Evan appear to be having some sort of difficulty with their lips.



Everybody loves a kickline!


Nicki Vicious, Lilly La Muerte, Tranny Panda

Here Nicki Vicious, Lilly La Muerte and Tranny Panda, perhaps soon to be called T-Panda.