PHOTOS: Oiled Up, Muscular Turks Stuff Their Hands Down Each Others Pants — For Tradition’s Sake


PHOTOS: Who needs Grindr when the national sport involves going spelunking down another dude’s trousers? Though Turkey may have banned the hookup app from its borders, there’s more than enough homoeroticism going around in the country’s time-honored pastime, oil wrestling. Pass the olive oil and break out the leather capris — some traditions deserve to die — ’cause we’re going a-grapplin’.

Photos: Cemil Kömürcü Photography 
















h/t: GSN

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  • yaoming

    Suddenly I’m a sports-fan.
    Hotest, gayest sport ever.

  • startenout

    Why is no one petitioning for THIS to be an Olympic event?? Haha

  • Beaubourgbear

    Remember, a few years ago, when gay tourists were stopped by the Turkish police from attending the Kirpinar oil wrestling championships… From a distance, it’s hot… Close up, these guys don’t want anything to do with gays, so keep your pants on!

  • middleagespread

    Turkey, now I’m wanting their stuffing and gravy!! Those guys are beyond hot. ;-)

  • dewin

    Mighty fine specimens!

  • Jake357

    In looking at the stands, I think I’ve counted 2 (maybe 3) women in attendance.

  • Rad

    And I thought WWE “Ultimate Fighting” was THE gayest sport on the planet…

  • sfbeast

    @Jake357: Women probably aren’t allowed, like the ancient olympics.

  • doug105

    This used to be done in the nude till Muslim’s started raising a stink about it.

  • litper


    Doesn’t make it any less gay

  • emperor28_1

    I agree that this SO works for me, and has heightened my interest in wrestling quite a bit. Hope none of these guys are ticklish!

  • jamal49

    @Jake357: Well, it is an Islamic country…. I don’t think women would be welcome.

  • jamal49

    Anyone know what they’re reaching for in each other’s pants?

  • Teleny

    Beautiful skin tone!

  • Cam

    @Beaubourgbear: said… ” From a distance, it’s hot… Close up, these guys don’t want anything to do with gays, so keep your pants on!


    They sound similar to the officials and judges for sports like ice-skating and dance competitions who are fairly homophobic as some sort of weird response to knowing that their sport is seen as fairly gay.

    If you want to see an example, go back a few seasons on “So You Think You Can Dance” and watch all the judges reactions to the male/male ballroom couple that auditioned. Or take a look at the Ice-Skating officials all tripping over themselves to pretend that Rudy Galindo was the only gay skater out there after he came out.

  • balehead

    Quit revising history….The couple on “So You Think You `Can Dance” mistook being gay for a talent and were AWFUL dancers!….

  • balehead

    One of the worst ballroom dancer couples ever….

  • RomanHans

    @Cam: Great point. I stopped watching So You Think You Can Dance because it was so bizarrely homophobic and anti-fem. (Women can pretend they’re trees or robots or cars but men have to dance like MEN.) They toned down the comments in the last few years but that struck me as about as sincere as the Barilla apology.


    @startenout: I’ll sign that petition gladly.

  • Sammy Schlipshit

    @jamal49: The handle.

  • rdujetz

    To quote ‘Auntie Mame’ – “What could be more wholesome or natural?”


    Why am I in the mood for Turkey now? A juicy thigh, please… ;)

  • masteradrian

    @jamal49: Turkey is NOT an islamic country!

    Islam may be the religion most followed in Turkey, but it is a
    secular country, were till a few days a go headscarfs were forbidden for women to wear when in public service!

    If you pay attention, the army is defending vigorously the secular state of the country, Erdogan is attacked more then often for trying to give islam more influence in the country!

    As to the wrestling…. it’s a cultural thing, going back to the fourth, fifth century, and has nothing to do with anything homosexual, 99% of the guys participating are straighter then straight…… But they give a great show… and smell (of oil and sweat, and leather!)

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