PHOTOS: Olympians Danell Leyva, Tom Daley Tease Fans With Gold-Medal Pics

MORNING GOODS: Is it us or is the Olympics turning into Guys with iPhones? The latest mouthwatering photos of hot male athletes include a candid shot diver Tom Daley posted showing us how, um, flexible he is (above), and photos of gymnast Danell Leyva (once again) in as little clothing as he can stand. Leyva’s snaps are part of a feature in  Spanish-language magazine Lifestyle Miami, but the photos transcend words.

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  • Daez

    I’m shocked… You mean professional jocks are so obsessed with their bodies that they feel the need to show them off at every possible moment? Who knew! The problem with guys like this is that they are so in love with themselves that is hard to find someone to love them more than they already do.

  • HM


  • Queer

    So the guy that gets the bronze medal gets more attention than the Black girl that wins gold? Shocking!

  • lizcivious

    @Queer: Why complain? Enjoy the pictures. Gabby Douglas is getting plenty of well-deserved attention elsewhere. However, some of us do appreciate seeing sexy shots of Danell Leyva!

  • Roxorz

    @Queer: She’s already going to be on the cornflakes box and I’m sure more endorsements to come. Yea Danyll is obviously going to get more gay press and maybe photo ops but that doesn’t equal dollars.

  • Michael

    @Queer…This is a gay site that doesn’t specialize in featuring sexy pics of little girls. Such a prissy bitch you are.

  • Jake

    I’m sure this is a very frequent pose for Miss Daley.

  • Eric

    @Queer: On a gay website that features nearly naked guys everyday- Yes. I know lots of people find racism almost anywhere, but this one is particularly awesome. Wow.

  • Jack

    @Queer: You won’t be happy unelss everyone worships the ground of every black person, huh? That’s ALL you can celebrate. YOUR OWN. Talk about racism. Black people are THE most r a c i s t.

  • Jack

    @Queer: You won’t be happy unelss everyone worships the ground of every black person, huh? That’s ALL you can celebrate. YOUR OWN. Talk about r a c i s m. Black people are THE most r a c i s t.

  • SolarStar

    @Queer: Dear Lord, that’s the most calculating self serving manner I’ve seen the r(a)ce card pulled. No joke, can black people ever appreciate or celebrate anyone other than themselves? No wonder so many people harbor that stereotype. It’s hardly a stereotype. I shudder to think what our society would become if the majority were black because you all truly define racism with your thoughts and actions. And actual racism. Not the fabricated kind you create in every opportunity.

  • C.J

    @Queer: LoL it’s people like you who have pulled that card so many times that it’s completely lost all meaning. In fact, the word r-cist, or the idea of it, is now a punchline. People throw it out in social circles as a joke. It’s not even taken seriously because you’ve over used it at inappropriate times. Like above.

  • Jouin

    This Daley kid reminds so much of Chip Tanner.

  • Ewan

    It’s hardly surprising that the sort of moron that brands an entire race as racist wouldn’t spot the irony in doing so.

  • MJ (different from the other one)

    I’m Black and I have the hugest sex crush on Danell Leyva and if lady luck worked in my favor, I would fuck him for the rest of his life

  • Frank

    There is hope…he doesn’t have a girlfriend yet…he likes opera, can cook and has beautiful handwriting

  • MJ (different from the other one)

    @Frank: I know. *fingers crossed*

  • Louie

    @Frank: I´ve heard is also a big fan of Madonna, Barbra Streisand..and love musicals

  • pscheck2

    Guys, don’t hold your breath (of his coming out!) As soon as the rumors start, a PDA campaign will start having him seen with every female athlete in the ‘Village’! This is already happening with another ‘poster boy’. It’s understandable, though, because so much is riding on their image as a str8 hunk and ladies man! The word is: MONEY! MONEY! All we can hope for is a ‘coming out statement a year hence (then, maybe not!)

  • Opie

    The gymnast from Bulgaria, Iordan Iovtchev, at 39 is looking real good. It was great to watch him on the rings last night.

  • Dagrlzrd

    Gay,straight,bi, black ,green ,brown,orange,boy, girl,hot,or not? This world is so screwed up!!! You people make me crazy with all your labels.Gucci,Prada,C.C.First of all if I looked as good as these young men I would never wear a stitch of clothing ever.We live in a multiracial multicultural society,but everyone has to focus on those things that make us different rather than looking for the common thread that ties us all together.Yes I am Gay,but I am a person and a human being first. Grow the [email protected]#k up people!!!!!

  • Dagrlzrd

    Historically both the male and female form has ALWAYS been admired and idealized in some way or another as well as physical prowess and mental agility.Can’t we just have fun with it and be happy that we don’ t live in Russia,or China??? Africa or the Middle East???

  • Ralph


    People do realize that Danell is half-black, right? Mom’s a white Cuban and dad’s a black Cuban.

  • Mason

    So much jealous from the bodyshame uptights…

  • bienclar

    Can’t we all just accept that gymnasts, in general, are highly doable regardless of the colour of their skin? Even if their faces aren’t that fantastic their bodies make up for it. Call me superficial, but Igor Radivilov’s giant biceps more than make up for his snaggle-tooth and crazy-person eyes. There is a man I would learn Ukrainian to sleep with.

  • Lee

    @Daez: I smell the stench of self-loathing.

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