PHOTOS: Adult Film Stars Go On Book Tour, Fans Greedily Snatch Up Copies

The Cockyboys have just wrapped up a world tour promoting their first “literary endeavor,” an erotic coffee table photo book titled A Thing of Beauty

The entire Cockyboys crew — Jake Jaxson, RJ Sebastian, Benny Moorecock, Jake Bass, Max Ryder, and Levi Karter — traveled across the globe, from New York to London to Berlin to Paris, signing books and meeting fans. (And no doubt having lots of fun in their hotel rooms afterwards.)

A Thing of Beauty became a bestseller when it was released last month, reaching the top ten in photography books on Amazon. There are tons of photos from the events, but funny we don’t see anyone actually reading anything at the bookstores where they were snapped.

Check out these photos of the young scribes on the road…