Meat laid bare

Photos: “Real” men strip down for new calendar and we’re officially parched

Photo: © Adrian Lourie/meat

With the summer drawing to a close, holiday decorations are already beginning to pop up in stores and 2020 calendars will soon be dropping.

One of the first to arrive is the meat 2020 calendar.

meat is the brainchild of queer British photographer Adrian Lourie.

Launched in 2010 and published quarterly, meat is Lourie’s tool to demonstrate the sexy appeal of what he sees as everyday, “real” men.

The models, with some exceptions, don’t typically sport six packs and bulging pectorals. Most are photographed in their home settings.

Photo: © Adrian Lourie/meat

Its annual calendar, accompanied by the quarterly issue of meat magazine, features 12 individuals baring all. We’re presenting some of the safer-for-work images here. The accompanying magazine has the men in different states of undress while the calendar features full-frontal nudity.

Photo: © Adrian Lourie/meat

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Lourie says his portraits, “attempt to redefine what it is to be a sexy gay man. Representing our community is a work in progress for meat, but the calendar is a great opportunity to celebrate the bodies of real men.”

Photo: © Adrian Lourie/meat

Among those to pose are East London artist Matthew. He says he wanted to explore his newfound body confidence.

“I was brought up with quite a lot of shame surrounding my sexuality. Now in my 30’s I’m beginning to feel more comfortable and relaxed.”

Another of the models is South Londoner, Rue (above): “I had a great time posing, and I feel good about being part of a project that explores the range of body types that make up the gay community in London. We deserve to be celebrated.”

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More of the men from the new meat calendar (Photo: © Adrian Lourie/meat)

Another model, Jay travelled from the island of Jersey to London to be part of this year’s calendar.

“I’ve followed meat for a while and love the variety of ‘real’ guys they showcase,” he said in a statement. “I didn’t think I would fit the mold, but that’s just it, there is no mold. We come in different shapes and sizes. I’m honored to be a part of something so diverse and inclusive in a world that’s still struggling to be.”

Check out a video of the models posing below.

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