PHOTOS: Ten Sexy Sword-And-Sandal Studs From Television And Film

Tomorrow marks the arrival of Spartacus: Vengeance, the newest chapter in Starz’ acclaimed action/drama franchise set in the world of ancient Greece Rome (although you can watch the first episode online now for free.) Seeing the ubiquitous trailers for the show (there’s probably one on your screen right now) made us cast our thoughts back to some of our favorite screen Olympians from years gone by. So we pulled together a veritable Who’s Who of toga-wearing, sword-wielding, arena-fighting hunks from the big and small screen.

Obviously this is a personal list—Russell Crowe in Gladiator did nothing for us, sorry. Who’s your favorite oiled-up Greco-Roman? Thrust thy mighty saber into the comment section!

Click through for photos of film and television’s hottest gladiators

Spartacus: Vengeance debuts January 27 at 10pm on Starz. Photo: Starz