PHOTOS: The Golden Girls Have A Holiday Secret In SF — They’re Drag Queens


Holiday entertainment can seem a dime a dozen — hell, we’ve got to brace through the cold weather somehow and you can only drink so much eggnog until you’re praying to the porcelain gods.

But amidst the drink specials, TV specials and special winter boyfriend/bed warmer who will be out the door come spring, some holiday cheer rises above the rest.

Golden Girls Live 04 sm photo by Mr Pam

Like gathering inside a cozy theater with a bunch of cackling queens to watch a couple episodes of The Golden Girls. Live. Performed by drag queens.

Dan Savage says “it gets better.” Well, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Golden Girls Live 01 sm photo by Mr Pam

These girls — SF drag mama Heklina (Dorothy), Matthew Martin (Blanche), and new for 2015, Holotta Tymes (Sophia) and D’Arcy Drollinger (Rose) — are carrying on the golden torch nine years after the show was conceived.

Judging by the packed houses at the 500-seat Victoria theater in San Francisco’s Mission district, they’re on to something.

Performance dates are Dec. 3 – 20, 2015. Opens Thurs. Dec. 3

Head here for more info/tickets.

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 10.09.06 AM

Sadly, this year marks the first without Cookie Dough as Sophia (above in the festive green sweater), who died earlier this year. Heklina offered this heartfelt tribute:

“The entire cast and crew of Golden Girls SF would like to dedicate the 2015 run to Cookie Dough, who sadly passed away in January of 2015. Cookie Dough embodied the role of Sophia Petrillo since the beginning of the San Francisco productions, dating back to 2006. She also was invaluable as the co-producer of the shows, which began in the front parlor of a Victorian mansion in the Western Addition, and grew year after year at Mama Calizo’s Voice Factory, Counterpulse, and, finally, these past 4 years at the Victoria Theater. More than just a co-star and producer, Cookie Dough was a great friend. Rightly hailed as “the sweetest queen in San Francisco” we will miss her forever. – We are thrilled to welcome our dear friend, drag performer Holatta Tymes to the cast in the role of Sophia Petrillo.”

Tickets/details here.

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