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PHOTOS: Too Soon? Chicago Gays Party A La Winehouse with Her Favorite Substances, Vodka and (Fake) Cocaine

Who needs rehab when you got Boystown? Halsted hot spot Scarlet is gaining a reputation on the strip for its weekly theme parties, but have they taken it too far this time? Less than a week after Amy Winehouse was found dead, the bar threw a party to induct the late singer in the 27 Club (along with Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison and Janis Joplin).

What do you think—too soon or right on target?

Images via Anthony Meade

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  • Fitz

    It’s not insightful or funny. It’s just mean, and anyone can do mean.

  • Joe

    My hometown is crazy.

  • Riker

    I think if Winehouse were available for comment, she would have loved it.

  • QJ201

    Answer: NO

    If you live your train wreck life in the public eye, the public can make fun of your demise as soon as they can come up with the jokes.

  • nineinchnail

    Disgusting!! Shows how little class SOME Americans have. I say some as it would be false to say otherwise. Maybe a year from now it may have been amuzing.

  • Navi

    waayy too soon

  • ewe

    Go for it.

  • John

    not funny, just tacky and fucking disgusting, all they want is attention! Amy Winehouse was a troubled girl with an amazing talent, why couldn’t they have celebrated her life and music without being so disrespectful and tacky

  • Christina

    I’ve never been an Amy Winehouse fan, but seriously?! Making ANYONE’S death into a joke is repulsive, tacky, and shameful.

  • o

    I wouldn’t be sad or anything if a suicide bomber happened to take out everyone at that party.

  • alan Balehead

    Amy would have loved it…

  • Riker

    @John: Amy herself was known for being disrespectful and tacky…

  • mike128

    This is pathetic.

    And to those who say “amy would have loved it”, do you really believe that? This woman was suffering for years. Addiction is not about “being a train wreck” – as if an addict carries on just because she likes being sloppy. It’s a serious illness.

  • alan Balehead

    There are alot of very unhappy people on here….Amy would have also have told you to grow a life!….

  • Guillermo3

    I’m glad to see that the overwhelming majority of comments,so far,are negative/critical.Sometimes “NEGATIVE” is the most POSITIVE THING ONE CAN DO.Obviously,no one should feel compelled to live in a bell jar,or under a microscope,BUT:The smug,”showing-ass attitudes displayed in these photos reinforce negative stereotypes about the LGBT community.As a “satirical’ or ironic stance they come off as grade “D” high school humor.SADLY,HISTORICALLY OPPRESSED PEOPLE turn to self- destructive behavior as an attempt at escape & out of desperation,BUT, also out of SELF-HATRED. Alcoholism,drug-abuse,and VICIOUS SARCASM are far too prevalent in both the black & LGBT communities.

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