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PHOTOS: Welcome to the Gayborhood At Burning Man, 2015

shirtcock 2

70,000 humans repopulated the Playa for Burning Man 2015, which drew to a close Monday, and if you were a gay among them, you probably pitched a tent, shared an RV with friends, or hung out one of the theme camps, maybe in Black Rock’s very own Gayborhood. Just like the IRL, you can go ghetto at Burning Man.

Located on the clock at 7:30 & D, gay ground zero spreads over an area about the size of boystowns in comparably libertine cities, 10 or 12 square blocks of homo camps like Wiener Zoo & Pussy Aquarium, Bearin’ Oasis, The Dead Pirates, Gaylactic Invaders Village, Water Boys, Camp Beaverton, Gender Blender, Burner Buddies, Diva Nation, Lil Crack Whores, Meowtown, Mack Hookup Truck, Camp Get Nailed and Poly Paradise. There’s something for everyone, even if you didn’t know you wanted it.

Here’s an illustrated list of some favorite gay camps 2015, where boys & men burned, humped, vogued, found an old boyfriend or a married a new one, just like at home. But way better…

The Gayborhood’s front porch since 2001, the Astropups welcome “wayward strays on a hot afternoon, either in a lively conversation in our public living room, or crashing in a restful snooze in our fun-fur lined playpen/chill space.” Grrrrr. 2015 camp theme: Warp Station Alpha.

astropups sign

astropups green



BloAsis Village
A loose collection of camps including Pussy Aquarium, Bearin’ Oasis and The Dead Pirates. Look for “Ceremonial Bitch Kneeding performed with almost Tea Ceremony Zen Realness, Daily at the BloAsisian ‘Throwing Shade’ Structure!” Pretty at night.

bloasis 1

bloasis 2

bloasis kneed

bloasis night

Camp Conception
Art types populate this off-playa arts collective: “Situated between a large figurative egg and a field of eager sperm, we exist in the present moment, bring spontaneity and multiple media. Dance, arts, love, experiment and exploration begin to take form.” In 2012, the sperm were green.

camp conception group

camp conception sperm

camp conception 1

camp conception 2013

camp conception 2012

Celestial Bodies
With a nod to the cosmos and your fine ass, Celestial Bodies “are a fun-loving, straight-friendly theme camp in the Gayborhood. We serve up a delicious and refreshingly-iced Playa Cosmo – our signature cocktail on the playa – every day in our comfy lounge.” Also ass tattoos.

celestial bodies group 2

Comfort & Joy
Big on sex and art in either order, Comfort & Joy is “dedicated to promoting queer culture, expression, self-actualization and community by acting as a mutual-support society for our members’ various projects.” You take the one on the right. Wig.

comfort and joy 6

comfort and joy 2

comfort and joy 1

Down Low Club
As advertised, plus:  “As Down Low Club theme camp was founded by orphans of other (often dysfunctional) camps, it’s membership has grown organically by including other orphans and Burners dedicated to Burning Man’s 10 Principles. Therefore, we offer a safe haven, shelter, meals, water and etc for Burners who find themselves in situations caused by camp dysfunction, lack of preparedness and other factors.” Nice.

GlamCocks are maybe the biggest gay camp, probably the whitest?, and definitely the most social media savvy, not counting billionaire turnkey camps on private apps. Members get a profile page on the GlamCocks site like Grindr meets The Bachelorette. “We create spaces that are welcoming, fun, whimsical, glamorous, transformational, and memorable for all!” Speedo.

glamcocks group 2013

glamcocks 2 2015

glamcocks meet boner

glamcocks group 4

Hemingway liked Mojitos: “A mirage appears in deep Playa. The aroma of fresh icy Homojitos stimulates your hypothalamus. Giant bright puffy flowers belt out groovy dance beats. Leave it to serendipity and the boys of Homojitoville! Always on the move, the Mobile Homojito Dance Bar and Sound Garden of Eden appears randomly, erupting in a fabulous cocktail and dance party, then disappears. Never in the same place twice, this is no mirage. Shake your groove thing where spontaneity rules! Bring us your cup, we’ll fill it with love. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any gayer . . . Homojitoville!” Then he fell off his stool.

homojitoville 1


homijtoville 2

homoijtoville 5

vice viet 2

Paradise Motel
Popular Paradise Motel, “the most garish of roadside motels,” invites weary travelers “to stop in for a SNOW CONE and enjoy some progressive beats while lounging by the ‘pool’.” What’s in there? Also featuring “Clothing optional YOGA.”

paradise motel 2

Vietnamese Iced Coffee Experience
VICE, or the Vietnamese Iced Coffee Experience, describes itself as an “all inclusive Burning Man Theme Camp. We encourage diversity, participation, and acceptance and welcome new members from all locales and walk of life.” They’re also a piece of camp theatre, literally, with a Saigon-era Vietnamese canteen, naked volleyball like the grunts used to play, and at least one high maintenance comfort girl. We likey.

viet sign

vietnamese iced coffee 7

vice viet 1

vietnamese volleyball

viet dinner

vietnamese iced coffee 5

viet drag