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  • Mike

    Definitely “dresses on the left” …

  • allancsn

    Sorry can’t get past the feet – and hasn’t he got delicate hands.

  • terrwill

    Those short guys built like him generally pack a fairly nice sized three piece set………………….

  • Pete

    Nice package

  • jwalker666

    I thought he had a small penis…looks pretty big there.

    he’s hot as hell though…YUM

  • Mike Barton

    Waiting for the anti-smoking lobby to chime in… in three… two… one…

  • tofer david

    love the shoes…

  • blackjack44

    definitely loving this version of Shia

  • terrwill

    @jwalker666: Lets discuss penis size!!that is sure to be a hoot!!! I have had the pleaseure of meeting quite a few peinises. They like the population of the world at large come in all sizes, shapes, and colors (here that Adam? I fantasizie your multi~hued pee pee!) The only guarantee of those with “big feet” and “big hands” is that they in fact have big feet and or big hands! I have been with a dude with size 12 shoes, and a size 4 pee pee!! As to the Asian guys, Chinese guys I am sorry to say generally tend to have minuses rather than penis’ However if you are in the mood for Asian pee pee and seek a more than a mouthfull chose the Japanese style. These guys generally tend to be HUGE!! (yes I just said some Asian guys are HUGE!) As to ethnicity Italians generally are happy recipients of the endowment fairy. Spanish guys: 2 sizes- large and kinda small. As to just looking at a fella to get a size of how uncomofortable you will be sitting the next morning short guys like Shia are usually kinda big, same for tall thin guys. As to the one visual trait that I have found 100% of the time to guarantee a biggin——Now Hear This: Its Big EARS!!!
    Ok now I have said my say…… amongst yourselves, curious to see other thoughts…………..

  • drewbrown

    i wonder if he’s really as angry as he always looks!

  • Ted B.

    Sorry, points-off for ‘no sox’. If you’re going to wear dress slacks, then wear socks…

  • terrwill

    @drewbrown: Of course he’s angry silly……..he forgot his socks!!

  • Michael vdB

    I know…I had to look. But when we disseminate a guy just to look at his package…we are so going to hell in a hand bag. lol

  • scott ny'er

    i will say this… it does look pretty hot and big. Whether it’s his balls or penis is another story.

    I don’t usually find him attractive but in that suit, he does look hot.

  • Jack

    @Michael vdB: I don’t mind going to hell in a handbag as long as its an Hermes birkin — would be a nice contrast to Shia’s Gucci loafers. Ted, I think the no socks is more than forgivable since it’s not a suit, and there’s no tie.

  • Beto

    skinny legs… sorry! and he smokes! ugh!

  • Jason


    He does have the “angry Eastern European curmudgeon” face, doesn’t he?

  • Charles Merrill

    Ban underwear. Let it all hang.

  • Tavare

    Well Ted B, I totally agree with Michael vdB about the socks issue, since he’s wearing loafers, there’s no need for him or anybody else to wear socks, perhaps this rule is not absolute; common sense and good taste tell us this is the right way to pull out that wonderful look. And yes he looks as hot as never before . . .

  • ioni

    Oh sweet lord :)
    I wil shia him in no time. Hm, given chance :)

  • Freeballer

    Shia admits (in interviews) that his preference to freeball. I certainly support that! (yes, bad pun intended!)

  • michael

    There’s nothing uglier than the sight of a man freeballing. It looks like a bag of asymmetrical sand pressed against the zipper. Ewww, repulsive.

  • KyleR

    I love me some Shia. For me, there’s just something about him that is just hot. And in this outfit it does it even more, until I get to the shoes. I hate them. So very much.

  • tjr101

    WOW…I never thought of Shia La Beouf in that way but I’m definitely impressed and intend on watching more of his movies!

  • Sexy Rexy

    He is gross and nasty-looking to me for some reason. Even borderline ugly.

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