PHOTOS: What Kind Of Underwear Is This Guy Wearing?

It’s time for another installment of Debriefing, where we team up with our friends at The Underwear Expert to find out what the man on the street is packing inside his pants.

So the next time a strange man comes up and asks what sort of underwear you have on, remember it might be one of our intrepid reporters!


Name: Robert

Occupation: Make-up Artist

Age: 37

Residence: Gramercy, Manhattan, New York

Spotted: 15th Street and Ninth Avenue

Style: “Downtown, rock & roll, casual. With Air Jordans.”

Wearing: Emporio Armani briefs.

Favorite Style: “Briefs, definitely.”

Favorite Brand: Dior & Emporio Armani.

Motto: ”Being gay is something small compared with bigger things like my job or my friends. It’s not an identity.”



 Source: The Underwear Expert







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  • Lefty

    This is wonderfully pointless…

  • Daez

    I love people that do not realize that when you are gay it influences EVERY single part of your identity. You have the friends you have because they are loving and accepting of you being gay (you are not gay with friends from the LDDS, Baptist and Catholic churches for the most part). It also influences your job because you work in a gay friendly place (most gay people do not chose to work for Exxon/Mobil).

  • Johnny

    @Daez do you really have to take such a defensive stance. this post is about underwear for gay’s sakes.

  • Johnny

    by the way, that last pic is HOT.

  • Fred

    He is a makeup artist.
    Clearly being gay has not influenced his life much.
    His dad was probably a makeup artist and lived in Manhattan too.

  • Daez

    @Johnny: When people make ignorant comments such as that one… You bet your ass!

    Seriously, people that say that being gay does not influence their life piss me off. Sorry if that bothers you.

  • Ben

    I would have liked to see more people questioned about this. Too short!

  • Spike

    I wonder how many guys are approached for a pic and quick interview and just laugh and walk away, I’m guessing 90%. I would.

  • Madge

    Lefty you are right. This is wonderfully pointless.

  • Frank

    Another pointless non-story…next !!

  • Basch

    @Daez: I think he just means he’s not running around screaming to the world about how gay he is all of the time/acting overly flamboyant and immature all of the time/complaining about gay things all of the time.

  • Bailey

    @Basch: why do I imagine him with a big ol’ nellie voice screaming ‘gurl!’ then? Cognitive dissonance is fer realz. You see ‘butch’ because you want to, not because it’s real.

  • JP

    This guy does look kinda cute.I

  • Jim H.

    @Daez: He didn’t say being gay had no effect on his life. What he said is that it was not an identity for him. What’s your problem with that?

    I’m the same way. My orientation is one of the traits I possess, but it’s not something I identify with per se. If I had to give a short description of myself, I’d immediately think of words like Californian, male, smart, casual, liberal, etc. Sexual orientation wouldn’t be at the front of the list for me because it’s not really a filter I view myself or my world through, for the most part.

  • christopher di crapito

    @Frank: Well, you bothered to read it and comment on it so it’s not that pointless to you, idiot!

  • Jim H.

    @Jim H.: Also I think your examples are off. I’ve never worked at a “gay friendly” employer because that’s not very important to me. What is important is salary, work hours, travel requirements, and so forth. I don’t really discuss personal matters with coworkers, so why would I care what they think about that?

    My friends are generally comfortable with LGBT people, but that’s not why I am friends with them. Mostly they’re my friends because our paths happened to intersect at some point. The fact that they’re open-minded says more about their age, geography, and so forth. And there are a lot of people I’d call “friendly acquaintances” who I like to spend time with but honestly don’t know how they feel about LGBT stuff — it just never comes up!

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