PHOTOS: What Kind Of Underwear Is This Guy Wearing?

It’s time for another installment of Debriefing, where we team up with our friends at The Underwear Expert to find out what the man on the street is packing inside his pants.

So the next time a strange man comes up and asks what sort of underwear you have on, remember it might be one of our intrepid reporters!


Name: Cole

Occupation: Artist

Age: 22

Residence: New Orleans

Underwear Worn: Hanes Comfort Boxer Brief

Why are you wearing this pair? “The elastic band isn’t elastic, it’s just cloth. Also, there’s no tag.”

What does your underwear say about you? “I like comfort. And, they’re supportive…”

Life Motto: “’Math is hard.’ It’s ironic because I’m also a programmer.”



Source: The Underwear Expert

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  • Bob

    STUPID and a waste of time!

  • Jeff

    LOVE. Keep ’em coming!

  • Brad

    So yeah I am missing the point of these post… but i guess… someone looks forward to it?


  • Johnny

    Like the concept, but kind of wish we could see more….skin or underwear.
    Also, I think you can find a couple questions that are more creative than “Life motto?”
    Who has a life motto?

  • randy

    love it — just wish they would show us their underwear too!

  • randy

    Or at least zero in on the bulge….

  • ron

    What are we, 14 years old?? Grow up!

  • Knew the L.A./ Palm Springs Scenes, too

    Instead of “life motto”, how about: “Any fetishes or fixations”?

  • Rockery

    He is NOT 22. If he is, he hit the pavement hard, but there is nothing wrong with Walmart briefs LOL

  • JON

    Gee, I don’t know. Why don’t you tell us, then we’ll both know!

  • willy41

    I agree with you. He looks much older than 22, to me. Hanes used to be a well made brand of men’s undies at one time.

  • Lysurge

    i love the hanes comfort fit!

  • the other Greg

    @Rockery: @willy41: It’s the smoking.

  • willy41

    @Rockery: Good point. I smoked for 32 years myself. Worst habit I ever had! Don’t know if it made me look older, though. Nasty habit.

  • DJ

    Queerty, nobody cares about this feature or what type of underwear these men wear.

  • the other Greg

    @DJ: Notice in the comments that many of us disagree. This feature is totally charming. It’s a fun break from the nonstop Boring Marriage News. And I’ve guessed previously that it’s Queerty’s way of countering porn addiction among its readership, by playing up the more accessible appeal of ordinary guys on the street.

    We can debate the merits of any week’s featured underwear dude, but I think Queerty is just trying to help some of its more porn-addicted-loser readers to get laid in real life. That’s a laudable, even a noble goal (albeit probably hopeless in many cases!).

  • Robert Mc Mullen

    @the other Greg: Thank you for your comment! However, though, I could understand it, you might want to make it, easier to read by the American reader. We have 40% of some illiteracy, and the number keeps on getting bigger!!!

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