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  • Sean

    I’ve never seen a model’s face look so different in so many different photographs. #5 is my favorite, but I only clicked til #7.

  • Ted B. (Charging Rhino)

    Sorry, got bored by pic #8……..**snore**

  • Steve

    The “man” in pic one is the “boi” in the rest of the pix?!?!

  • tavdy79

    @Steve: check out the abs in #’s 18 & 25, they’re completely different. So either they’re different people or it’s someone who’s chosen to have plastic surgery on his already-very-nice midsection.

  • Wicked

    no way all those pics are the same person. The body type is different the nose is different the eyes are different. come on.
    1 and 25 is one guy and the rest are another guy.

  • gray hunt

    Yes, something is not right with these photos. Maybe taken years apart with much work on face/body between.

  • alan brickman

    so jealous…no wonder equal rights are taking so long…ps..clicked every one to keep this site up….if “clicking” is the hardest thing you have to do….

  • walkin' dildo

    he’s marginally more attractive than the f’ing ‘Alist’ advert… obv. ratings aren’t as good as queerty’s clicks, i wonder why…

  • adam

    Uh there is no way whatsoever that #25 is the same person.

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